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7/16/2006 9:45 am

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a variation.....

here is a variation on an old saying: so many couples, so little time. i know, kinda cheesy, but it kinda says what we are thinking so much lately. there are so many couples here in our area that we would LOVE to meet in person, but it seems that none of them want to meet us. we are wondering why..... maybe we don't have the right "look" for them. we don't know. even if we don't have that, we would still like to meet more people. looks aren't everything!!! guess that saying holds true for us. those that do know us, agree that we are some cool people, and if nothing else--one can NEVER have to many friends!!!! am i right or what!?!?!? we are not going to name names (or handles), of those we want to meet. because we don't want to rule anyone out. we never do that anyway. even if we don't play with some of the people we meet, doesn't mean we don't like them; just means we don't want to play with them--at least right now. we are very open to meeting new people, and would gladly start chatting with, then mmeeting others. who knows what can happen from there? nobody!! not until the "moves" have been made. being standard members here makes it difficult for us to contact others, but we do try, and we follow through when we get the chance. from our point of view, physical atraction isn't the basis of a relationship (or friendship); honesty, and the comfort levels of all those involved are things higher on the list of things we look for when choosing play partners. the physical part of it will take care of itself after those issues have been 'resolved'. please keep veiwing our blog, chatting with us on-line, arranging(and keeping) a face-toface meeting, and so on.... these are the ways all of you can get to know us better... and to better understand where we are coming from. looking forward to hearing from/meeting all of you soon.

SirMounts 102M

7/17/2006 12:45 am

Yes, I agree. One can never have too many friends.
A warm welcome to blogging, fgocpl4fun. *smiling*

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