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7/26/2005 11:21 pm

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Lately, all we look forward to is our next adventure. Our nights (and some afternoons) have been hot and sexy between us, and we await the arrival of that special someone to take us to another level.

We search for the woman that is clear and secure in her wanton desire to be licked by both of us. We journey forward for the woman that will drink from both of us (even though swallowing isn't required for him, just take him over the edge with your mouth). We long for the woman that will eat her while she gets stroked long and hard by him. We ache for the woman that will be eaten as she gets hit from the back by him. Mostly we get excited at the thought of the woman that will help her drain him completely of his hot seed all over both of their mouths and tits.

The question now is who is that woman? is she you? Or you there? Remember, all we all seek on this site is pleasure, so let's see if we can all find it together...

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