The meeting  

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8/26/2005 4:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The meeting

The call is placed. We're in room 210, come on up, the door is open. She enters and finds us laid across the bed, her hand wrapped around his rock, his fingers working her clit as they watch a movie. She strips and slides on the bed between them. She spreads her arms and uses her hands to take the place of theirs. Now she is working them both while the both move into position to begin working on her.

Before anyone is truly aware, the room is filled with muffled moans and groans as everyone's mouth is full of something. The oral feasting on one another continues until both women are beyond control and in need of his now throbbing rock. The ladies lie next to each other with their pussies at either end of the bed. Before she can respond, she is having her lips parted by her as his cock goes deep as it can in one strong thrust. She gasps as he fills that wet, sweet, slick hole and then finds her mouth filled with her tits as she gets her own set sucked. She is trying to match his force as he begins to jackhammer inside of her. Her orgasmic screams are now muffled from being filled with pussy as she continues to come and come from him filling her deeper and deeper. He begins to throb out of control as he watches her get her pussy eaten and she cums from his cock. Unable to fight anymore, they all explode together, as he places his head right on that swollen clit and his woman tastes his cum right off while licking the clit at the same time.

Did it happen? Was it you? Or was it someone else? Or is it just once again the fantasy played out in word form? You decide...

peechjoos 41F
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8/27/2005 1:16 pm

ok...i'm way too horny for this..and free tonight....773-369-6493 or better yet...i think i have yours somewhere...go ahead and get the damn room....

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