The filling of all three  

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8/7/2005 12:49 am

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The filling of all three

Another hot time, another hot story. Just for clarity, this is written by the male half's perspective, hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I did doing it in reality.

The other night after work, I came home to find my beloved sleeping in bed. I started kissing her on her back and whispering in her ear that I noticed she had been watching a dvd. She admitted to missing me and watched one of her favorite female stars in a sweet lesbian scene. It got her so hot she just had to cum a few times watching it. So I, of course, fired up the dvd player and moved to the scene she so enjoys. She started rubbing her clit while I played with her tits, and the next thing you know her mouth is full of my now rock hard dick. She continued to feed and play as I slowly fell into a series of moans. The next thing I know, she climbed on top of me and started riding me hard and fast. Being as hard as hell and watching her cum as she watched the video and sucked on me was just too much and I felt the explosion of a lifetime coming. Just when I couldn't stand anymore, she jumped off and swallowed me whole,and took every hot drop deep in her mouth and staright down her throat.

Feeling energized, I rolled over and grabbed the lube from the shelf. She was most open to the fact that I had it as she positioned herself on her knees with her ass high in the air. I poured the oil down her crack and onto my fingers and started fingering that tighest of holes. She worked my fingers as I added a second, and then a third one as she screamed out as she came. I quickly lubed up my reborn hard one and slide deep in her ass. No sooner did I get in did she begin to work me as I stroked her harder and faster. Reaching forward, I grabbed each of her fabulous tits and starting going to town.She continued to cum just as hard and fast until she became just one continous orgasm. The next thing I knew, I was exploding deep inside her, my rock throbbing and pulsing as it filled her and she came with me.

The next night, I come home again to a sleeping lion. After waking her by stroking her clit and giving her two quick orgasms, I put her on her back, placed her legs together high in the air, and slid deep inside her wettness. I stroked her hard and fast as she came over and over. I then turned her onto her side continuing to stroke her as she continued to come for me. The next thing you know, she had me on my back and was riding me again with such reckless abandon as she came as soon as she got me deep. I grabbed her ass tight and stroked with her, taking me deeper and deeper as I licked her tits and bite her nips. Before you know it, we come together in pure ecstasy, filling her sweet slit with all of my hot cum.

Man, I think I just may have to wake her up and ask if she wants to think of what we want to do with our next contestant. Maybe who she really wants as well. Who will it be? Any volunteers?

peachjoos 41F

8/7/2005 2:38 pm

shit, my pussy is running into the crack of my ass having read this...

ffcpm13 48M/43F

8/7/2005 10:55 pm

Imagine how it will run when we get to you...

peachjoos 41F

8/9/2005 1:48 am

please do, get at me...

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