So damn anal...  

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8/14/2005 10:44 pm

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So damn anal...

Last night she gave me a great shave, completely got me good. And of course, she had to just give me a little licking and sucking to make sure it was a great shave, but then she stopped and said that was all I was getting.

So this morning, I informed her that it was payback time. So, I started playing with her great tits, getting her nipples good and hard. She then turned herself so that she was able to take me deep in her mouth and allow for me to play with that sweet slit. After a while, I just had to start tasting her and sliding my fingers deep inside. After getting a great taste of her juice, I knew it was time.

I slide deep inside that hot pussy and just started working her. She started coming over and over again as I plunged deeper and deeper inside her. The next thing she knew, I had her on her side, camera in hand, lube in the other. I slowly slid deep into that tight ass and just started working her from the side. Got some great pics as well as she played with her pussy and slammed her ass back on my cock. Somehow, we eneded up with her ass in the air as I continued to slam it home. Grabbing her fabulous tits, I worked her as she began cumming en masse. Feeling her ass work my dick as she came, I exploded deep inside as she screamed for my cream. Oh, what a feeling!!!

The pics are great. I plan to send them out to our friends in the network via email. What we both want is for the next set to include whatever woman wants to cum for us. Now that, I swear, will be a Pulitzer Prize set of pics and a Hustler Forum blog entry...

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