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Oral fun

Soft kisses on the back. Turning her over and spreading her legs. Laying between them, he slides her panties to the side and begins tonguing her clit: long, passionate circular licks followed by short, quick flicks. She begins to moan and gyrate all over his face. He works her clit into a frenzy until she cums. He begins sucking and pulling on her now swollen pearl. His tongue works it as he hums and sucks. Her moans and groans go even higher as she cums again for him. He switches back to his tongue, and back to sucking, each causing explosions. He lays down next to her, his face wet from her juice, her panting from exhilaration.

She slides next to him and begins her own tongue magic. Slowly licking his balls and that tender spot just under them. He begins to feed them to her as her tongue goes up and down and all over his rock. She then licks the head, before swallowing it whole, him unable to even breath at the power of her mouth. She bobs and weaves her head and tongue all over him as he grabs the back of her head and the rail on the bed. Just as he is close, she says she's ready.

Mounting him, they begin the all to familiar dance. They stroke together as she explodes as he slides all the way home. He holds her tits as he sucks on each of them as he forces himself deeper as she rides more forcefully, taking it all and cumming over and over again. She slides off, teases him with her tongue, then she works her magic to extract cum from his cock. He shudders as he gives into her wiles, enjoying every swallow she tastes. Now hard enough to break down walls, she saddles up again as they go at each other with reckless abandon. Before he knows it, he feels himself tightening up, his load preparing to cum again. She jumps off as he holds his head, awaiting her to take the full force of his explosion. Just as she begins to suck on the head, he feels a double explosion as he strokes it deep into her mouth, filling her channel as she swallows every last drop. Sated, they lie together in bed, until they drift asleep. Then they both wonder, when will we be able to share this tour de force with another woman...

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Thanks, feel free to visit anytime, and if the female half would like to join us, let us know...

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