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7/3/2006 1:36 pm

He comes home after a long day at work, tired but happy to be at home. He finds the missus upstairs with a woman he has never seen before, the two of them chatting in the living room. The wife kisses him hello and introduces him to her company, who immediately rises to kiss him as well, deeply, passionately. He feels her hands touching every inch of him as they kiss, his wife's hands stroking his back. The friend begins to massage his manhood and before he knows it, his pants are open and she is swallowing every inch of him. The wife uses both of her hands to feed the friend all of him, her slurps and gulps bringing him to a new hardness he has never felt. Before he can fully open his eyes, the friend is jacking him off into her mouth, his breath is short, and just as he is about to explode, she places her wide open mouth in front of his tip and holds her tits out for him to shoot his load. The wife is now jacking him, his ability to hold back long lost as he coats the friend completely.

He falls back onto the sectional exhausted as the wife tastes his load off of the friend, who is moaning her pleasure. Before he is able to take it all in, the wife has her stripped and is tasting the new wet slit before her, causing yelps of pleasure to emit from the mouth that served him so well. He fills that mouth with his newly hard rod and begins to fuck her face, deep and fast. The friend screams in ecstacy despite a full mouth from the wife's tongue as he watches the wife enjoy the fresh taste of cum. She begs to be fucked, and the wife spreads her open as the hubby slides in. As he's now enjoying the tightness of her hot hole, the wife feeds the friend her own pussy, and the friend is in heaven. They all are moaning, groaning, writhing in pleasure as they all come closer to the point of no return. Before they know it, the hubby pulls out and drops another hot load onto the friend as the wife giggles from the pussy teasing she is getting. All are so deep into the heat, no one minds the excessive stickyness between them.

As they sit and attempt to regin composure, the hubby asks a simple question: "So, was this something new?". The ladies laugh, and they all fall back into the heat that feeds their innermost desires...

Looking for the lady that would help this become reality. Any takers? We crave someone new...

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