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7/24/2005 8:19 am

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Since we started the blog, things are slowly starting to move in a positive direction. And, when things move in a positive direction, the heat level turns up between us hoping we are able to add someone to our fun.

The idea is we meet someone for a light meal and drinks. We all sit and chat, basically filling in the gaps after chatting on email and messengers. Finally, the check arrives, and it's time. We move to a nearby hotel, strip, and everyone goes for broke. Pussies eaten in whatever way that causes explosions, a rock hard dick watching then sliding in to whatever holes cause more cumming, until the rock defies all urges to join in the explosive ecstasy within the room and yields all it has and more. Exhausted, we all drink and rest until the energy level has returned to the point that we do it again, until slowly, we all fall asleep in a triangular 69, with something for everyone's mouth to suck on as they sleep.

Maybe we find this woman to help us achieve this and more. I am sure she is out there...

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