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8/19/2005 4:05 am

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She comes on like an apparittion. She begins to tell us exactly how she wants us and what she wants...

Her on top in a 69 while he slides deep inside, her clit being licked and sucked as she gets fucked long, hard, and fast. Her on the bottom of that same 69, tonguing her as she takes that same rock hard cock. Her on her side, taking a good mouthful of throbbing dick while she works her tits. Her laying back, working in tandem as they both stroke each other and he begins to cum all over both of their heaving breasts, and then they lick it all off of each other.

Talking, cooing, cuddling, refilling on water. Then, they all have seconds of each other. He sucking her clit, while she is eaten by her and she swallows his cock to get it hard. The ladies switching and then both between his legs, balls being licked and sucked as they tease his head, all while they can't keep their hands off one another...

But now what do they do to each other? Any of you ladies have any suggestions as to which way this one ends? Or better yet, any of you ladies want to make it happen?

peechjoos 41F
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8/19/2005 8:42 pm

must i post my interest again....

ffcpm13 48M/43F

8/22/2005 2:12 pm

No, not at all. You know how to find us...

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