A good birthday  

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4/11/2006 12:08 am

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A good birthday

The friends go to hang out to celebrate the birthday of the playmate. A couple of rounds and a silly game of pool in which everyone proves how out of practice they are and everyone's having a good time. The birthday girl is in a mood for some music, so the group heads to a bar where more drinks are consumed and music is enjoyed. The missus pulls him to the side at one point, and says "Go get the room, I think we are all ready". the hubby goes and does as he is told, and then swings back to the bar for the ladies. All the while, his smile and his manhood begin to grow.

They settle into the room, all spread across the king sized bed. The missus begins to play with his cock, kissing and licking it, as the bd girl joins in. The missus, being greedy, slides the bd girl to her feet and begins to devour her nipples. The hubby says "You have to share the birthday girl, baby", as he takes a nipple to himself and they lay her down. They spread her out, the wife between her thighs as the hubby works her tits. The hubby enjoys the show of watching his wife give her fantastic mouth to their playmate, as the playmate squirms and moans in anticipation of the orgasm that the wife is bringing her too. Just then, the hubby feels himself taken deep, the playmate giving him oral as she gets it from the wife. The hubby, feeling selfish, turns 69 on top of her and joins the wife in dining on the bd girl as she takes hm deeper and deeper, her orgasms clashing together and her moans stifled by a mouthful of hardness.

They change positions so that the hubby is now between her thighs and entering the bd girl with her legs on his shoulders. Her wetness and tightness are working him as he works her, all while she begins to finger the wife and suck on her tits. The bd girl's orgasms are stopped just long enough for the hubby to enter her from behind as the wife spreads herself in front of the bd girl's waiting mouth. The wife is screaming in heat as she succumbs to the bd girl's tongue, and the hubby is throbbing with every deep, long, powerful stroke. The bd girl is now licking the wife's clit and sliding a dildo inside as the hubby enters her from the side, and now everyone is moaning. Bodies moving faster, noises getting louder, heat rising beyond the temperatures of hell from the passion. Before long, everyone is in one continuous orgasm: The wife from the tongue and toy, the hubby filling the bd girl with his load, and the bd girl from both of them.

They lay exhausted, and the hubby and wife say "Happy Birthday Sweetie". The birthday girl, after pausing, says, "And this one was with a serious new twist". If she only knew....

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4/11/2006 2:56 am

now there's a celebration....

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