3 the hard way, part 2  

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11/29/2005 10:16 am

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3 the hard way, part 2

After resting and talking, the wife goes to make a snack for everyone and refreshes drinks. While she is upstairs, it's my turn to dine on the sweet slit that is seated next to me. I kneel before her as she willingly parts her legs and places them on my shoulders. My tongue finds its way to everything pink and wet, as she begins to moan her enjoyment. Reaching up and teasing her nipples, I work her until she is just on the edge of explosion. I stand before her and say "I want to watch you taste her when she comes back". She nods her agreement, and I return to my place between her thighs, sucking her clit deep down my throat.

The missus returns and our playmate begins to swallow her nipples. We both change positions as we place the wife on the sofa: The wife laying back with her legs spread, the playmate between them, and me entering the wife's mouth. The wife begins to love all that she is getting, cumming almost immediately from her tongue and fingers. Watching our playmate tease her own clit while she pleases the wife, I slide down and under her so I can suck on her myself. The wife loves the look of all of us together and explodes again. But she wants more, so she lays on the floor as our playmate turns to continue her meal of the wife. The playmate's ass high in the air, I enter her from behind, her sweet, wet hole even tighter than the first time. I begin to thrust inside her, her face being buried into the wife, as the wife begs for both of us to go faster. The playmate is overcome with enjoyment: Her face being fed by the wife, her pussy being filled with me. All of us working, the women coming over and over again, becomes too much for me. Before I know it, it's my turn to explode. I pull out, placing my swollen and throbbing rock between the playmate's ass cheeks as I begint o explode, the wife once again tasting every drop as I pump it down her throat and our playmate quivering from her continuous orgasms. Oh, how sweet it is...

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