3 the hard way, part 1  

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11/29/2005 9:05 am

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3 the hard way, part 1

I come home from work, settle in, and grab my drink. Slowly I slide down into the den where I find my beloved between our playmate's thighs, licking and sucking her wet slit. I take a sip and begin to massage our playmate's tits as she moans out loud from pleasure. The wife continues her oral mastery as I slide off my shorts and enter our playmate's mouth. She begins to work my ever hardening cock deeper and deeper down her throat as the wife does the same to her clit. I begin to stroke her face faster and deeper, as I reach over and spread her legs apart and into the air, giving the wife complete access to her swollen clit. This becomes too much for our playmate as she begins to buck and grind and scream even with me filling her mouth. The wife gets a mouthful of sweet juice from her and then lays her on the floor, prepping her for me.

The wife lays her on her back and they begin to kiss as she plays with her clit. The wife says she's ready, give it to her now. I slide slowly into her wet hole as the wife fills her mouth with her nipples. She's so tight, I can only slide my head in at first. She begins to sway her hips to take more of me inside as the wife takes her legs and slides them up into the air, allowing me even better access. I begin to go deeper and deeper, her wetness giving me movement within the tight, hot hole. She begins to moan as I go deeper, but it's hard to hear her with a mouthful of nipple. The wife begins to force me deeper, faster, wanting her to cum all over me. She happily obliges, her muscles clinching me and making me go even faster. Now throbbing, they both want me to explode. Faster, deeper, all of us moaning, I reach the point of no return. And just as I give in, they pull me out, the wife getting her mouth filled with my cum as the playmate strokes me. Exhausted but happy, we all kiss, and I say hello to them both...

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