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9/17/2005 1:20 pm

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When the wild wind whips,

the finespun sea spray

hard against the shore,

and the whirling seabirds,

float and drop and sore.

When mothers hold their children,

tightly in their warm embrace,

and press a ruddy cheek,

against their curly locks

and mouth, ear close,

consoling words of love.

When the unrelenting sea, grim rages,

Shrouded, black and bent,

against the cutting wind.

I wait and watch for your return.

When I traverse the pebbled line,

between sea and shore.

I think of Love's ascendancy,

and my exultant, joy filled, heart,

transcends the mist filled, empty miles.

To sit in reverence, dread and wonder;

of her determined soul.

Beside her there in silent awe,

and feel her warmth exceed,

natures bitter temperament.

She shepherds forth her little boat,

directed by her compass, ancient,

She, the faceless sea surmounts,

with not a friendly star.

This child brief of crucible emerged.

Now with desperate need to hold;

true love, forever in her arms.


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