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7/3/2005 3:21 am

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Rain, I like, drizzle, not so much. It's a long, drowsy afternoon on the worst day of the week - Sunday !! I don't really mind Sundays so much anymore but when I was younger I sure did. School, or worse, work tomorrow "yuk" But that was not the complete reason for my dislike of poor old Sunday, more, it was the atmosphere at home.. resigned and gloomy, come Christmas Day or the forth of July, for some unknown reason, you could always tell it was Sunday at home.

Dad, incommunicado, burrowing into some myopic press report (about a child who had for no apparent reason, methodically killed every member of his family, on Sunday last), happily hidden behind the newspaper "wall" he held triumphantly and immovably before the dismayed interlopers which had gathered there to pay "homage at the shrine". The untouchables, the wretched, hapless few, gathered to present ourselves before this Philistine father .. each in abject and all encompassing boredom. The paper dropped, my father in a moment of rare altruism, suggested we "go read a book" or "paint", (if we have no brushes take one of the wooden matches in his drawer and "construct" one.. huh ?) Mom, (in retaliation) was usually sharing her attentions between prodding and cajoling some cow or sheep or hapless chicken, laid neatly (and expertly) on a grill or in a pot or corralling and stuffing our cast off clothing into the washing machine. Not a good time to approach her with your complaints of "mom, I got nothing to do" as in: : "please sir can I have some more?"... no, not a good time at ALL.

As for me, I was entirely, thoroughly, profoundly,horribly extraordinarily, perfectly, and absolutely bored, from my toes to the tip of my very longest hair. My brothers, having graduated from "Mom 101", were usually safely ensconced in their respective rooms. I could never understand what kept them from imploding in those "cells"...what do they know that I didn't ? Did Stu catch Brian with a time portal still open and now insists that they travel time together. Are they at it right now ? .. off the coast of Africa, the hot tropical sun reflecting on the dancing blue ocean. The screaming white sea gulls winging and swinging low on the shimmering horizon the ceaseless wind filling the vast sheets of their "74 gun - Ship of the Line" My heart sank.. nooo Brian is probably re-reading one of his damned "Biggles" books and Stu., contently playing with his little trucks (still as good as they day he received them - mine had long been lost, broken or melted on some Sunday past, lost to the ruthlessly effective Nazi "Fokker-Wulf 109's", on some far flung frontier "Sunday afternoon battlefield".) Every once in a long while we would all get together, as a family, and play a board game.. "Monopoly", comes to mind, (now I know why they called them board games.. because they are so damned boring). If the "bored" game did not end up in a free for all at the dinner table, they would make a shepherd restless ! The creaking wooden chair under the relentless squirming of my bored behind was the focus of loud criticism. That was at least reassuring - these hovering shadows were alive !.. Praise be !!! Still, to this very moment, I feel the effect of those days.. on the other hand, my favorite day is Thursday. But that is another story...

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