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7/3/2005 3:25 am

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Soooo... Friday night in the big city..!! Am I the only person in the western world not out tonight ? It sure feels that way .. damn, what am I gonna do when the long evenings of late summer arrive ? You know, when they say a "long weekend", they really mean, a "looong weekend .. I suppose there is something good about staying home ..I will say that without any moment of hesitation, I do not miss the ride home from the cabin or beach or what have you..Monday afternoon or early evening, edging along in cramp cars, surrounded by towering Suburban Utility Vehicles, in a haze of chocking carbon monoxide. Sun burned skin sticking to the plastic "sandpaper seats".. amid the ear splitting bass of the two million watt stereos, playing at "max", by the skinny, partially clad, semi sober teenagers with their leering red faces and shocking "fright wigs" Past care, their various limbs protruding from a twisted pink knot of bodies, stacked like lumber The wide eyed driver, grim and determined to navigate the precarious road home before Dad's deadline. The evil tear lined liquorice tattooed faces of over exposed, over tired children staring blankly through the chocolate finger painted, back window of a station wagon, ..the bickering, drawn faces of the parents. The broken canoe and tangled fishing rods, deflated colored beach ball and empty white Styrofoam cooler, tied precariously to the car top carrier with a dozen granny knots... Think I'll go and have a scalding shower, grab a coffee, throw myself on my own sweet bed and read another chapter of my book...


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