Today a day of wondering....  

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10/2/2005 3:03 pm

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Today a day of wondering....

Today I spent the day at home wondering, pondering, listening, and dreaming of why it is that I am stuck in a place of which I do not have the ability to meet interesting people. I wonder I am a person that ussually has the ability to communicate pretty well but when I am unable to meet new people I start thinking that I am doing something wrong. This is something that concerns me. I am not dumb nor intelligent nor ugly nor a model I am an average man with a mind that is not average.

A mind that is binded by being fervent with an uncontrollable urge of both sex and passion. As you follow me through the depths of understanding what its like to be fervent hopefully you will understand
why I call myself

The Fervid.

fervid4u 37M

10/7/2005 7:23 am

well i would have to say that most people i know would say i definately think outside of the joke that i always say is the box is a circle you all just think the same way....

By stuck I would say that I put myself in one of those situations without thinking about the long term consequences of my actions. I would also say that it has to do mainly with being around non-liberal minded people or open minded people. My friends are pretty open minded but most of the people around this area are somewhat closed minded and strictly out for money etc.

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