Watching TV Does Not Necessary Make You A Couch Potato  

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4/3/2006 12:09 pm

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Watching TV Does Not Necessary Make You A Couch Potato

Once in a while, I come across people who say they don't watch tv. I find it rather strange. I suppose they don't want to come across like they are a couch potato or have no life. But there are so many things you can learn from tv shows these days.

My dad who is an avid reader, works as a Judge, enjoys watching the "Home and Garden" and "Golf" channels. I don't know if the "Golf" channel has helped him improve his game but I tell ya, his garden is looking phenomenal these days.

As for me, I love my TIVO. My work hours are irregular and very unpredictable. There are shows I sometimes watch but don't always "tivo". For instance, I don't mind missing "Dr 90210", "Scrubs", "Greys Anatomy" and "Out Of Practice". The shows I watch or "tivo" are "Lost", "Jonathan", "King Of Queens", and "30 Minute Meals".

"Lost" is my favortie show at the moment. It keeps me guessing every week and my friends and I talk about it endlessly in case if we missed any clues and such.

I like "Jonathan" because the guy is not pretentious. He can be a jerk sometimes but it's amusing to watch him "lose it" so easily, and then he feels bad a few moments later. I am also very intrigued by his sister who is the founder of the "Pussy Cat Dolls". What can I say? I love watching good looking women who are good dancers and singers.

I first came to know about "King Of Queens" a few years ago from my Aunt Maria and cousins who live in New York. They told me I have to "absolutely watch the show" because Carrie's character is so much like me. I saw the similarity at first but last season, I got a bit concerned. Carrie got fat and was a bitch to Doug. It wasn't fun watching Carrie becoming a mean fat bitch to everyone week after week. This year, I think they have new writers. They make Carrie funny again.

I "tivo" "30 Minute Meals" from the Food Network. I love to cook and Rachael has some simple and awesome, quick and easy to learn meals sometimes. I like a lot of shows on the Food Network. I can't stand Paula Dean, the Southern old lady who makes nothing but fried food and she talks funny. I also can't stand Sandra Lee. She says "So Yummy" and "So Good" so much that I believe her vocabulary is really limited. I also find it funny that some hosts like the Barefoot Contessa and Michael Chiarello have different 4 to 6 "friends" every night on the show for dinner. No one have that many friends!! They even act like they've known one another for years!!

So, what do you watch on tv? "Lost" fans are most welcome to comment.

tamethytension 54M
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4/5/2006 2:54 pm

The weather channel ... as a field biologist it is often critical to my work. At the home office, the History Channel is on through the day, flipping to Bravo or TNT for a diversion (will usually stop for a L&O episode. If I remember to do so, take in the Daily Show, Da Vinci's Inquest. Curiously northwest OH gets the CBC, but not here in Cleveland where just 25 miles from Canada we have 3 Spanish channels.



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