The days of our lives  

felixoxox 48F
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6/23/2006 1:57 pm

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7/11/2006 8:41 pm

The days of our lives

This is what being grown up is all about...dealing with one idiot after another just so we can run our lives... I called this lawn company to come out and treat my yard for weeds, bugs and fertilization. When they came out to do the estimate, I was still sleeping so they left the paperwork at my front door. They wrote down all the lawn problems and how much everything would be to have year-round treatment. So they came out last week to do the work and by the end of the day, I noticed all the weeds in the grass had already started to wilt...great, that means it's working. Then several days go by and I notice that the areas around the house that have rocks instead of grass still have full-grown weed infestation so I don't know what to think. I called to have them come out again and the chick schedules the appointment. The guy shows up today in the afternoon when the appointment was supposed to be in the morning (he had car trouble and of course it was too much trouble for him to call the office so the office could call me and let me know he would be hours late) and when we chat at the front door, he tells me that treating the weeds in the rocks isn't part of their standard service and it's $5 extra for that. And me being the informed customer, I'm supposed to already know that? I call these morons and make it clear that I want the weeds in my YARD treated and this guy today tells me that I forgot to tell them specifically to cover the rock areas too. WHAT? WHAT??? Since when did the rock areas, which run around the entire perimeter of my house, cease to be part of my yard? Why the hell should I have to tell them that? And why didn't they put that on my estimate, just a little note or something that said "we don't typically include rock areas but will add it for $5". How hard is that? It's frickin' impossible to find good help...geez!!!

rm_Gordy012000 46M

6/26/2006 10:08 am

Ok.....well as you called a "lawn" company. Their first priority is to handle your lawn. I'm sure thats all they do. Maybe 99.9% of all their customers have them take care of their lawn and not all the rocks and railroad ties and flower beds. So it was probably out of habit for them to come in and only treat their area of specialty. Plus......$5....ain't crap for you to pay to have them treat the

Now here's the sad part and my real point for posting this comment. You think they are idiots. I'm pretty sure they also think "you" are a idiot. I'm sure you think I'm a idiot and the circle goes on and on. Of course I don't expect anybody to admit to anything.

rm_jaydub226922 46M
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7/2/2006 5:17 pm

LOL Gordy - that's TOO funny - but probably very accurate.

If it's only $5 extra to get the rest of your yard - i.e. rock area and all the rest it doesn't seem to me to be that big of a deal. Just chalk it up to a positive learning experience - fork over the $5 and make sure to get a full explanation of all services next time you need something done.

P.S. - Felix I have written you back several times - have you gotten any of my messages?

felixoxox 48F
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7/3/2006 11:03 pm

I guess my annoyance was not properly bad. How likely is it that any human being would bitch about spending $5 that wasn't expected? How lame is that? My "bitch" is about being inconvenienced when it wasn't necessary. All you working people out many times have you been late to work because you had to meet a plumber at your house? How many times have you had to use your lunch hour to meet the pest control guy at your house? Every time anything like that needs to be done, it's an inconvenience to your life. Now, plumbers and pest control guys are pretty necessary people and you would hope when you get an estimate for work, they would explain all the details you need to know and what everything costs so when you take the time to meet them, you'll know they will be doing everything you expected. The yard guy made comments to me as if I did something incorrect on my part but he's the one who didn't do his job by not giving me all the details I needed. Because of that, I was inconvenienced by having them come out for a second visit. Well that's the best I can do to clarify what I meant...hope y'all get it! Have a nice day

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