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11/29/2005 7:20 am

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Anonymously speaking~

Well, I sat on my hands last night so I wouldn't blog, pretty much like putting the poison pen out of reach. I was annoyed and let me tell you, men were not on the top of my favorites list.
~ ~ ~
I feel that my profile, pretty much tells everyone of adult age and mentality what I am seeking at this moment. I don't feel like I'm a player or full of bs, I pretty much have laid it out on the line in my profile.

If you didn't understand my profile, I will reiterate it here: I would like to develop friendships, perhaps shooting some pool, perhaps taking a nice little drive, go take in a blues band. I want things to develop slow. I'm in the midst of making a transition, no, sex is not on the top of my priority list.

Frankly, I would like to end a wonderful evening, with a nice embrace and kiss at the door. Feeling my legs tremble, feel the butterflies within me awaken, but parting despite. With both of us desiring more, yet alone, we go to beds in our own homes, with wonderful thoughts of meeting again...perhaps, the sensual moments will be awakened again...and perhaps...just perhaps...we will go to the next level, next time.
~ ~ ~
I've been labeled a conservative subbie... smiles, yes one could say that I am. I need to love the dominant man I am with, in order to desire to please and serve him. My dominant man, will not be into swinging, he will not be poly-minded, he will pretty much like the same things I like or else he is not the one for me.
~ ~ ~
I do say "no" to casual sex. Then why am I here? Well, just because I say can and will say "no", does not mean I don't like sex. I'm fifty years old, I've done my exploration...after my children were grown and out on their own. I had a very fulfilling sex life with my partner of fourteen years, while my daughters grew up.

Since then, I've walked in the biker world (as a lady) for a time and I've also enjoyed the world of BDSM for a number of years now, not that I am extreme in that world, I am not. I will tell you this, today, I know what I want, I know what I like, and I know the type of man I wish to share my life with some day.
~ ~ ~ ~
If you're needing a horny fix...that sounds like a personal problem to me. When I need release...I do take matters into my own hands...and no, I do not do it on cam.
~ ~ ~
NOTE: I am not speaking directly to any one person here, it's basically if the shoe fits...wear it.

I'm not a model, and I really am not seeking one; however, because when I do wish to enjoy sex (when the time comes) I need you to think about this.

Most ummmm..."tools" are roughly 6-7 inches long, I do like a man whose belly is not going to hinder the length I enjoy. It is my personal perspective, that a belly can deplete the length of one's member very quickly and penetration is not very good.

So what am I saying? IF you are showing off your muscle clad arms....perhaps you should work on your belly, too, if it tends to hang over the top of your jeans in excess to a couple inches. There has to be a mutual attraction. This is giving you a great big hint.

I wear men's jeans, 32 x 32, I button my jeans right around my navel area. I probably could stand to lose ten pounds, that would drop me to 140, the trouble with that I tend to lose the little bit of tits that I do have and sighs, my ass too.

Actually, when I begin working again...I will drop a few pounds as it usually keeps me pretty busy. And when all my duckies are in a row again, I will start an exercise program... something I've never been very disciplined in, but at fifty years of age...yep, I best do it now. Right now, clothes do become me and long line corsets were made for women like me.

Okay, I think I've been nice with my words here...just sharing some morning thoughts and allowing you to get a better understanding of me.
~ ~ ~
Responses are nice..but if you can't be nice...please take your retorts to you own blog space.

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