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12/8/2005 9:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


What it dew i know how some ppl get when u say tha Bword but i'm only talkin about booooooty...ya man got jokes.Anywayz i'm just on here feelin ppl out,what's real and what's not.Ppl u ain't on here 2 meet ur future wife or husband,hell they mite b on here 2????We on here lookin 4 some of tha freakiest muthafucas we can find(can i get a witness?)I'm a keep it real,i've read alot of ur profiles,talkin bout i'm lookin 4 a nice guy,who'll take me out,walk on tha beach...etc,etc.That's fine and good if that's what ur really lookin 4,i'm not haten,got mad luv 4 everybody but let's keep it really,real ok.U want a nigga 2 grab yo ass,throw u on tha bed,lick tha pussy till u have an out of body experiance and then beat tha pussy till kingdom cuuuuuuuum...ya dig.I mean if ya feel me can i get a AMAN!But i'm done 4 2day.2 everyone i hope u fufill all ur fantasies...but remember somethings,if burns nigga go see a doctor,ladies if u growin bread out ur pussy don't feed it 2 yo nigga cause he pissed u off,that's nasty it's a fungus...lololololol...just clowin...holla(tha business)

rm_plea88zure 32F
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12/8/2005 10:19 pm

I'm feelin u on that....I know what I want and I plan to get it....not knockin those who are lookin for the other half....I love to have my ass spanked and my hair pull from time to time....!! U fellas know u like a woman that ain't affaid to take the dick and handle it like a baby with candy or a like a cowgirl riding a wild bull!!Keep ya shit clean if u won't taste it don't expect the next person to! much respect!

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