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1/12/2006 3:41 pm

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I have had one affair on my wife to date. My wife and I have been together about seven years now, and we get along fine and all that, its just that, well....she just seemed to forget that sex is important to me.
Yeah I suppose I could just be a selfish asshole or something like that, but by god I need to get laid.
Having an affair was not something I thought I would ever do. It was something my father did, and it led to my parents splitting up and all that. so all my experiences with it have been negative. That was until my wife's best friend started having trouble at home.
My wife's friend, henceforth known as "the friend", had been around since before I came on the scene. She had helped my wife through her divorce and I also have developed a great friendship with her.
I have always thought she was cute, you know like the bubbly girl next door that has way too much energy to be considered normal. And early on in our friendship, she and I were flirts with each other, I mean serious flirts.
Thing is though is that it never occurred to me to want to fuck her till I accidentally got a shot at her tits. (She just happened to lean over in front of me while picking something up and bam! there they are.)
I can't explain it, but from that point forward I couldn't get her out of my head. It was also about this time that the sex started to slow down at the house. (I am not dirty or anything, my wife is around 14 years older than me, so I guess it is natural for her to not want it as much.)
Anyway, I didn't try anything for about a year thinking that the friend was happily married, couple of kids, good job, you know standard american dream shit right? Wrong.
Apparently her old man has gotten hooked on pain pills and has forgotten about sex as well, except she has gone for over two and a half years without so much as a touch.
(I think that having a pretty wife and not fucking her is like taking a porsche to downtown atlanta and just leaving the keys in it with a sign reading : Have a good time. You are so begging to have it stolen.)

Well one thing led to another and I told her how I felt about her. My god the woman couldn't hop on me fast enough! (I guess having already known me for several years, not having sex for several years, and convenience all added to instant lust right.)
Now I don't know if I am great looking or not, and I don't know how much sex appeal I have since that is really for others to decide, I just be me. But the friend and I went way too far with the thing way too fast. My wife never suspected a thing, but her old man did. I think he was waiting on it so that he could blame all his problems on her or something, I don't know.
Anyway, we dodged a couple of bullets and decided that it wouldn't work to keep this up, too much work and she didn't want to betray her best friend( my wife, strange thing is is that my wife is supposed to be my best friend and I don't feel like I really betrayed her all that much. I am still here, I don't plan on going anywhere, I still go to work everyday and bring home the check, I still clean around the house and care for the animals with her and all that, I just want to get laid more than once every other month.)
So now the friend and I are just that, friends. There is a deeper level of intimacy between us, but besides that the passion is sorta gone. It is interesting to me how you can force something like that to go away, but I won't do the same to my libido's call. I also surprised myself at being able to do that. I thought that matters of the heart were deadly once you started double dealing, but I find that me wanting to get laid, and me caring about what my wife and I have are two separate things.
Yea that is sort of strange don't you think?


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1/12/2006 6:02 pm

nope; we're all sexual monkeys restraining ourselves with logic.

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