What I'd like to see on TV shows  

fatlover51 68M
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3/24/2006 12:13 pm
What I'd like to see on TV shows

We all know that the TV networks are crying about loosing viewers. Now they say that some people think there is to much sex on TV. NO! I say! There isn't enough sex on TV. I want more sex and I want real sex on TV. None of that simulated crap but real sex. I want to see penetration. I want to see cum all over the place. I want to see real humping, real sucking, real people having real sex. Who knows maybe if they have the actors fucking and sucking they can pay them less. After all they will be having fun.
Lets see Oprah getting fucked by her boy friend, what ever his name is.
Lets see the redhead in ER, the one with the cane eating some pussy.
Lets see the people in those "reality" shows doing some real fucking and sucking. By the way do you know anyone who has ever been stranded in some god forsaken place? I don't.
I want to see someone in one of the ads for Viagra show how hard it makes him and have him fuck some woman and then turn and look at the camera and say See it really works!
Basketball players brag about how many women they have fucked so lets see them in action! The same with football players. A new half time show Banging the the shower with the quarterback!
How about those early morning shows? You know Katie I wouldn't be here at this ungodly hour if you hadn't promised me a blow job. Let show the audience how good you are!
Maybe we could have some new game shows.
How about sex trivia? A typical question would be "Who was the first president to fuck a reporter in the oval office?"
A reality show could be stranded with out a condom! How may ways can you have safe sex with out a condom?
A sitcom that takes place in a whore house. Every room would have a couple of hidden cams.
Maybe a news show about the latest sex site on the Internet.
How about a dating show? We'll call it getting lucky on your first date!
A show called. This is your sex life!
I know I'm a sick SOB but such is life.

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