Three Generations! Part two  

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Three Generations! Part two

Three Generations! part two
By Rick

As always all of the names have been changed to protect everyone involved, except me I always use protection these days.
This part of the story is about Carol’s Mother Connie. Connie you’ll remember, if you read part one, had six children, was divorced, was very bi, in her mid forties. I had fucked her eldest daughter(see part one) who was 19 at the time and also bi. Carol had told her mother all about what she and I did. Something that, quite frankly, had shocked the hell out of me. Carol had found a new boyfriend with a huge cock and gotten pregnant and married the guy.
Connie and I were chatting during coffee break. She told me that she didn’t like the guy that her daughter had married and that they were having problems already.
Connie said. “I know she loves his big cock and he doesn’t mind Carol playing with women but the guy is an asshole and as dumb as they come. He can’t hold a job and doesn’t even brush his teeth.”
“Well I guess she will either have to learn to put up with him or get rid of him. I have to say that I like her a lot and wish her all the best.”
“I guess but I wish that the damn rubber hadn’t broken as much as I want grand children I don’t want dumb grand children. So tell me Rick who are you playing with now? I heard it was the cute redhead in accounting.”
“Don’t I wish! No right now I’m just playing with myself. Not as much fun but better than nothing.”
“Shit that’s a waist! I don’t have a man right now so we should get together and help each other out. Carol and Sally both tell me that you’re a good cunt lapper and you know I love that and I give a pretty mean blow job. Why don’t we get together after work? I could use a young guy for once.”
“That would be great. Why don’t you come over to my place tonight? I’d hate to have to put up with all your kids interrupting us.”
“Shit don’t worry about them they know that when I have someone in the bedroom to leave me alone. Come over about 8 tonight all the kids are asleep by then.”
“OK! Maybe we will be good together.”
“I have an idea lets take lunch together we will take my van and have a quickie in the shopping center parking lot!”
“Cool I’ll see you at noon.”
That lunch break was great. Connie was awesome. For a woman with six children she was as tight as any woman I’ve ever known. She did some sort of exercises to keep her cunt tight. She had five different type of rubbers in her van. All sorts of colors some ribbed some lubed. While her tits were smaller than her daughter’s her ass was larger and her pussy was shaved.
That night I arrived at her double wide at 8 as she had asked me to. Her second eldest daughter was still doing her home work I should not have been surprised at how much she looked like Carol. I helped her with the history work she was doing and she went happily off to bed.
“Thanks for helping Clara with her home work I never finished high school. Now lets go to my bedroom we have to be up early in the morning and I need some affection. I want to see if your really as good at pussy eating as I’ve been told.”
“I think you’ll be happy if I can’t get you to cum I’ll give you double the tongue back.”
We went to her bedroom which was in the back of the double wide and had it’s own bathroom. The queen sized bed filed up most of the room. Connie stripped so fast I almost missed it. Then she helped me strip.
“I hate fucking with clothes on I don’t know why but I do hate it. I guess it stems from having fucked with my clothes on when I was younger. You know a quickie in the car or in the movies.”
“I hadn’t thought that much about it myself. I remember a few quickies in cars and movie theaters myself I kind of enjoyed them. But being naked is better.”
We both got on the bed and started to kiss and fondle each other. I was sucking on one of her nipples when I noticed a small hole in the wall opposite the bed. It had to be the one Carol said she used to watch her mother. I wondered who was watching us. I moved down and started to suck on Connie’s nice clean shaven pussy. I slipped a finger in and very slowly moved it in and out as I ran my tongue around her clit. She was moaning and wiggling her hips ad I played with her. Then she wrapped her legs around my back and arched her back to push her cunt deeper into my face and came. She shook all over and was moaning and making guttural noises as she ground her pussy into my face. I fingered her faster and faster and she came again. I slowed down the speed of my fingering her wet juicy cunt and just barely touch her clit with my tongue. She settled down a little but she was about to cum again when I sucked very hard on her clit and she came very hard. She shook all over and her face and chest turned bright red. She covered her mouth to cover her scream and she kicked my back and the suddenly relaxed.
“Damn Carol was right you are a good cunt lapper. That was great now lay down I’ll show you how good a blow job can be!”
She gently licked my already hard cock around the head. Teasing me with he hot tongue.
“I do swallow so don’t bother warning me you are about to cum I like surprises!”
She licked the length of my cock as if it were a treat. She took the entire thing in her mouth and rubbed her tongue up and down the shaft with it still in her mouth. She never dragged her teeth. She sucked hard and the just let it be warm in her mouth alternating from sucking to resting. She had incredible breath control. Then she sensed that I was about to cum and she moved her tongue faster and faster sucking harder. When I came it was an awesome release. She swallowed it all a little bit dripped down her chin. She grinned and licked her lips just like her daughter had done.
“Now was that ok?”
“That was incredible!”
“Even better than Carol?”
“Much I think she could take lessons.”
“Well I’ve offered but you know how kids are they think they know everything.”
I couldn’t believe she was talking about her daughter but this was the most sexually open family I’ve ever run into.
“Now do me again until your hard again and then you can fuck me. I do need to get some sleep tonight.”
I was sucking on her clit and she had come for the third time when the phone rang. She picked up the receiver from the phone by her bed.
“Oh hi Debbie, she covered the microphone side of the phone, It’s Sally’s mother. Sure we can get together Friday after work. Right now Carol’s old boyfriend is here. That’s right the good cunt lapper you have to try him. I don’t know we were about to fuck when you called. Ok talk to you tomorrow, bye.” She hung up the phone. “Lets all get together Friday evening. The kids father have them all this weekend. We’ll have the place to ourselves. Debbie will be coming over so we can have a weekend long threesome. Assuming that’s ok with you.”
“That sounds great to me now I believe I’m ready for a good hard fucking session.” I put on one of her red rubbers with ribs.
“I like doggie style.” She said and bent over the edge of the bed. I gave her cunt a quick lick and slipped my cock in her dripping wet cunt. As I was fucking her pussy I put a finger in her ass and finger fucked that as well. She was playing with her clit.
“That feels good put another finger in my ass and stroke it at the same speed as your fucking me. That’s it that is perfect!” She came three times before I came and my cock went limp. I took the condom off and tossed it in the waste basket.
“You had better get dressed it’s almost ten and we have to be at work at 6! I’ll be looking forward to lunch tomorrow!”
I got dressed and drove home. We played with each other for another twenty years on and off until she passed away. She was a heavy smoker and it finally caught up with her.

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As always, great writing. Your black book must be bursting at the

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