Three Generations! Part three  

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4/27/2006 10:16 am
Three Generations! Part three

Three Generations! Part three
By Rick

All of the names have been changed to protect everyone involved in such sorted affairs.
This is about Cindy, Carol’s daughter and Connie’s grand daughter. This is a true story.
Carol still works in the same place as I do. I had not seen her daughter, Cindy, in years because she lived with her father in North Carolina. I was still playing with Carol when she was between marriages. She has been married five times! Maybe she likes wedding cake.
Anyway her daughter had married and had three children of her own. Then she and her husband did something remarkably stupid. They pulled some sort of tax scam and went to jail.
Now I almost never give advice but here is some. NEVER, NEVER try to fuck over the tax people. They WILL get you. You WILL pay, and a lot more than you screwed them for, and if you pissed them off enough you will spend time in jail. Ask AL Capone that’s how they got him.
Cindy claimed that she didn’t realize what they had done was illegal. I’m not sure what they did but I don’t buy that line.
A few weeks ago I saw this big titted girl in her mid thirties in the plant. She had died red hair and was quite chunky and wore a push them up and point them out bra that emphasized her big tits.
“Who is that?” I asked one of the guys who drove the fork lift.
“That’s Carol’s daughter Cindy!”
“Wow I haven’t seen her since she was five she sure grew up!” I went back to my office and forgot all about her. Well I did think if her nice tits and round bubble butt..
Last Thursday I was at work when Carol called me and said that her daughters car wouldn’t start and asked if I could go over to her place and see if I could help. I wasn’t to busy so I went to Carol’s double wide to see if I could help. I knocked on the door and Cindy opened it and I introduced myself.
“Hello my mother had told me all about you. I guess you knew me when I was very young.”
“Well I hope she didn’t tell you all about me and yes the last time I was you close to thirty years ago.”
“I’m afraid that she did tell me all about you and all of her friends male and female. It was something that grandma started, kind of strange. I never tell my mother about what I do.”
“Well I have a set of jumper cables so lets see if it’s just the battery.”
“I think it is because when I turn the key nothing happens.”
I hooked up the jumper cables and as soon as I hooked up the last one the headlights came on.
“It looks like you forgot to turn off the headlights last night.” I reached in and turned them off. Cindy’s face turned bright red. “I think it would be best to let my truck charge your battery for fifteen or twenty minutes before we try to start the car and then you should run the car for at least half an hour to be sure the battery is fully charged.”
“Thank you. Would you like to come in? I just made some coffee. My friend Tammy is here I’m sure mom has told her all about you. You know how mom is can’t keep a husband, or keep her mouth shut.”
“That would be great. I could use a cup of coffee. You know I always found your mother and grandmother’s habit of telling each other about their love lives a bit strange myself.”
We were drinking coffee when Tammy came out of the bathroom in a see through night gown. She was about my age and very thin. 5’4” and maybe 100 pounds. Tiny A-cup tits and I could see that she had shaved her pussy.
“Hi Rick, she said, I’ve heard all about you.” She sat down and poured herself a cup of coffee. “You should have been here an hour ago we were playing with each other. Cindy has a nice collection of vibrators and butt plugs a dildo. Her mother bought her a nice big dildo that is supposed to be an exact copy of some porno stars cock.”
Cindy’s face turned bright red. “You should know that Tammy is on medication and like mom can’t keep her mouth shut.”
“You weren’t complaining about my mouth a little while ago when I was eating your pussy. Hey Rick I understand that you’re a pretty good cunt lapper yourself. Carol and Connie both said so. I have an idea you eat Cindy out and then I will and she can be the judge who is best. Then you can eat me out and Cindy will next and I’ll see if I agree.”
“I won’t complain about that but what does Cindy have to say?
“I like the idea and since I haven’t had a man since I left my asshole husband I’d like to have you fuck me while I’m eating Tammy. But both of you have to promise not to tell mom I’d like some privacy.”
So the contest began. I helped undress Cindy. Her pussy was not shaved and was dirty blonde and very tasty. While I was sucking on her pussy Tammy was kissing her and playing with her big brown nipples. I got Cindy off twice the second time she arched her back and pushed up so fast that it pushed me on my back. The Tammy took her turn and I kissed Cindy and played with her nipples. Cindy came two more times.
“I hate to say this Tammy but Rick was better I came harder.”
“Now it’s my turn you go first Cindy Rick and be second.” Tammy had already taken off her gown. Cindy got on her knees and was licking and fingering Tammy while I was kissing and playing with her tiny hard nipples. Tammy was much more vocal than Cindy and I have to say that I enjoyed listening to her moan and make noises. After Tammy came twice it was my turn and while I was eating and fingering her nice shaved cunt Cindy was playing with her little tits. The just before Tammy came the second time for me I really sucked hard on her surprisingly large clit. She bounced and screamed and cursed and squeezed as hard as he skinny legs could.
“Fuck Rick is better than anyone I’ve ever had. He has cunt lapping down to a science.”
“Years of practice my cock isn’t big so I have to please women with my talented tongue.”
“That’s good one of the things mom and I have in common is we like women but she likes big cocks and I don’t. So now you get to fuck me!”
Both girls helped me undress and Cindy got a condom from her bedroom. She sucked on my cock for a few seconds and then put the condom on me. We kissed for a few minutes and I sucked on her big tits as Tammy licked Cindy’s cunt like a dog drinking water. Then I moved down and slowly pushed my cock in Cindy’s pussy and Tammy was sucking on her nipples and then moved down and was fingering her ass. Cindy came three times before I did. I pulled my limp cock out of her dripping wet cunt and Tammy pulled the condom off me and grinned.
“I think we can start Cindy’s car now.” Tammy said as she threw the condom in a waste basket by the sofa.
“I think we should get dressed first. But thank you Rick I needed a cock I was wondering if I had become a lesbian in jail. I still love women but I do need a cock now and then.”
“Any time but please don’t tell your mother as much as I like her she doesn’t need to know everything.”
All three of us laughed.
Cindy has now moved back to North Carolina and Tammy and Carol are still seeing each other. I don’t think anyone has told Carol but I’m not sure either.

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