The short fat girl gets even with her husband  

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7/20/2005 11:30 am

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The short fat girl gets even with her husband

Yesterday I was working as usual when Lisa (not her real name) called me.
She asked if I remembered her from when she worked at the same place I did?
I told her that I did remember her. How could I forget a nice pear shaped woman?
She giggled and said that she remembered how I would stare at her when she walked by. That she remembered that I had helped her when her car broke down and that I had said that I would do anything for her.
I said that within reason the offer was still valid.
She said that she had caught her husband with another woman (even worse she was skinny!) and she wanted to get even. She was going to divorce him but wanted to make him realize that someone found her attractive. She wanted to make a video tape of her having sex with someone else and have him fine it by "accident" in their porn collection. She would destroy it after he watched it.
I said that would be great with me. Since her husband worked days and she worked nights she wanted to make the tape in their bed! I was cool with that. I arrived at her home at about noon yesterday and we made the tape. Then I removed the label from her husbands favorite porno tape and put it on the tape we had just made.
I can hardly wait to hear about his reaction.

juiceypooh33 44F

7/20/2005 4:16 pm

just hope she's still alive/......even if he did wrong does not mean he will except that.. .. and you should have been more of a man than that and decline her offer what is he came home early and and caught you 2 and then .. ohhh my

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