The perfect pear shaped woman  

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The perfect pear shaped woman

The Pear shaped lady
By Rick

All the names and locations have been changed just for the fun of it and to make the story more interesting.
I’ve known Brenda for many years. Her husband is a bit nuts he once set their garage on fire when he was deep frying a turkey. It says right on the turkey fryer to only use it outdoors. He had a cardboard box right next to the open flame of the turkey fryer and the next thing he knew he needed a new garage. Last summer he couldn’t get a lug nut loose on the front tire of his car so he borrowed a welding torch and cut the wheel off. He had to buy a new wheel, an new tire and have a mechanic split the lug nut so he could get at the brakes he was trying to change.
Anyway Brenda is a brunette pear shaped woman. Big on the bottom small on the top. Apparently her husband hasn’t been able to get it up in a while and she is very frustrated. I saw her in the mall this morning. Her big brown eyes and cute little smile make her look very hot. Her big ass is something that turns me on.
“So had your hubby burned down anything lately?”
“No I try and keep him away from fire and tools. He did launch a spoon into the ceiling when he turned on the garbage disposal the other day.”
“You should write a book about him before he kills himself or someone else.”
“I’ve thought about it but who would believe it? Besides I may leave him.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. Troubles in paradise?”
“Well he can’t get it up and even pills don’t help. He won’t do oral on me so I’m very frustrated.”
“I hate to sound crass but I’d love to help you out.”
She blushed and hemmed and hawed and then said. “Can I get back to you I’m very tempted!?”
“You have my home number here is my business card call me when you decide, It’s a real offer I’ve always wanted you since the first day I saw you.”
She thanked me and went about her business. I watched her big ass as she walked away.
She called me just a few minutes ago here at the office we are going to try and get together tomorrow. Damn I can hardly wait.

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3/28/2006 12:27 pm

good luck..

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