The Farmers Wife  

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8/9/2006 11:37 am
The Farmers Wife

The Farmer’s Wife
By Rick

As usual all the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Why would you have to protect the innocent?
I’ve known Janet since grade school which was a long time ago. The truth is that I’ve known her husband for just as long. Janet has always been a large girl, woman now, and we have been friends since the third grade. She married her husband right out of high school and has several children. Both of their families have been dairy farmers as far back as anyone can remember. If you think being a dairy farmer is an easy way to make a living you have never spent any time on a dairy farm. It is hard work and long hours and almost no time off. They don’t even make much money! Anyway that has nothing to do with this story.
I ran into Janet in the bank last week. I hadn’t seen her since her 30th anniversary party a couple of years ago.
“Hi Rick! I haven’t seen you in a long time. How are you?”
“Hi Janet! I’m doing pretty good for a fat old man how are things going on the farm?”
“Well as good as they can. I have to drive the hubby around these days he got a DWI and the pulled his license. What a pain in the butt. Good thing I have a big butt so I can take it.”
“I have to tell you Janet I have always admired your butt. But then you know that.”
“You were always my second choice sorry but that’s the truth. Sometimes I wonder about Jim he drinks way to much. Now that he can’t drive he just walks to his brother’s and they go to the bar in Tom’s car. I worry but I can’t stop them from drinking. It runs in the family as you know.”
“I’m sorry about your problems, if there is any thing I can do please let me know.”
“Can I call you just to talk?”

Hi Janet whets up?
Not much just watching TV and you?
Same here I’m watching American Hot Rod and you?
I’m watching a chick flick.
Well you’re a cute chick. How is Jim?
Can I tell you something personal?
Sure Janet I promise I won’t tell anyone.
He hasn’t been able to get it up in a long time and I’m very frustrated. Right now he’s asleep and the kids are all in bed so I’m fingering myself. It’s not that I don’t love him it’s that I have t o do something! Does that make sense?
It’s perfectly natural Janet. Maybe you should get him some of the little blue pills?
He can’t take them because of some of his other medications.
Sorry to hear that.
I’m sorry I shouldn’t burden you with my troubles.
That’s what friends are for. I don’t mind.
I have a favor to ask Rick, Jim is taking the kids to Syracuse Saturday, our daughter is driving, to do some shopping for school, after the morning milking, and I was wondering if you could come over here. I do need some attention.
I’d love to what time do you want me to come over?
They plan on leaving at 9 I’ll call you when they leave.
That’s fine with me. You know I’ve always had a thing for you.
I know and seeing you again today just triggered my needs I guess.
I understand I’ll wait for your call.
Ok I have to finish getting off and then I need some sleep we start at 3 A.M. around here.
OK good night Janet.
I could hardly wait until Saturday. The phone rang at 9:20 Saturday morning.
“Rick they left a few minuets ago how long will it take you to get here?”
“About half an hour. Would you be more comfortable here?”
“No I think I want to do it here Jim’s brothers will be busy all day and never come here anyway unless he is home.”
“Ok I’ll be leaving in a little bit I’ll be there before you know it.”
I hung up and drove to their house. It is a big old farm house in the middle of no where. You have to be going there to get there. I almost got lost it had been a while since I had been there. I parked my truck and knocked on the door.
Janet was wearing a house dress and pink slippers. Her hair was in a long braid and she looked nervous.
“You know if you’d rather not go any further and just want to talk I’ll understand.”
“I’m fine I’ve made up my mind and I’m hornier than hell. Lets go to the bedroom.”
She wiggled her huge ass as she climbed the stairs. I followed her to her bedroom It was quite nice with a big California king bed and a lot of heavy old fashioned furniture. There was an air conditioner that was doing it’s best but the room was still quite warm.
She wrapped her short arms around me and we kissed. We were making out for quite a while and were both hot and bothered when the phone rang. Janet answered it. There was a short conversation and she hung up and laughed.
“It was Jim’s mom she wants me to remind him that he hasn’t gone to church in a while!”
“Don’t forget to tell him when he gets home!” I laughed.
I unbuttoned the top to her dress and then helped her out of it. She had a slip on and no bra. Her breasts were huge! They hung over the top of her belly. He nipples were a good three inches in diameter. I helped her out of her panties. The label said 66! Awesome!
I licked her nipples and she moaned and played with the one that I wasn’t sucking on at the time. I slipped my hand down and found her pussy and fingered it slowly. She laid back and let me play with her. She was very wet and excited. I moved down and sucked on her clit as I fingered her. She moaned and came making a funny little noise.
“Sorry but having sex with the kids in the house you learn to be quiet.”
“Well we are alone and you need to let loose. So let go and enjoy your self.”
She did as I continued to suck on her clit and finger her she played with her nipples and the next time she came she all but shouted. Her big ass bucked up and down and she came twice in a few seconds. I took my clothes off and put a condom on.
“Fuck me doggie style I love it that way.” She got up and bent over the edge of the bed.
I fingered her pussy a little more and made sure it was nice and wet and then slipped my cock in her pussy. She pushed back at me and laughed and moaned and enjoyed herself.
“Fuck the shit out of me. Damn I love this! Finger my ass hole to!”
I put a finger in her ass hole and she screamed and came.
“Holly fuck I do love it! Don’t stop now I’m about to explode!”
When we both came she almost did explode! She screamed and pushed he huge ass back at me.
“Oh that was great! Lets do it again!”
“Could you give an old man a chance to recover? I’m not as young as I used to be.”
“I can wait but not for to long I’m all hot and ready. I’m glad I ran into you I didn’t realize how much I needed to get fucked.”
I was about to flush the condom but she stopped me.
“We are on a septic system here just throw it in the waste paper basket I’ll get rid of it before anyone comes home. How about a coffee before we continue?”
“Sounds good to me!”
We had coffee naked on the deck. Janet was in a talkative mood and told me all about her children and church. It seemed strange to be sitting naked on the deck talking about such mundane things.
“I think I’m ready for some more anytime you are Janet should we go back to the bedroom?”
“No I think I want to do it on the sofa in the living room this time! I haven’t ever done that. I’m up for doing new things today! Maybe next time we get together we can go to a cheap motel. That just sounds exciting to me.”
“Sounds like a plan to me.”
We went to the living room and when she had cum a couple of time while I fingered her and sucked on her clit I put another condom on and pulled her to the edge of the sofa and was fucking her hard. She was giggling when she suddenly came. It surprised her and we both fell on the floor and laughed.
“Now lets do it doggie style again I don’t want to crush you just yet!”
She bent over again and I pushed my cock in her cunt and fingered her ass. We both came and she laughed.
“I guess I’ll have to go to confession!”
“I’m not sure I’d tell the priest everything. He may tell you to tell your husband.”
“I guess your right I’ll just keep this between you and me. Now lets get dressed and go someplace and have lunch. I’m hungry for food.”

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