Peggy lets loose for the first time in a long time  

fatlover51 68M
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8/4/2005 12:25 pm

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Peggy lets loose for the first time in a long time

Peggy and I had lunch today. She was nervous and excited. Her blue eyes never stopped moving. She was talking at a mile a minute. She ate her lunch and drank her soda as if it were her last meal. She told me all about her grand children and her church. I was wondering if she was ever going to stop talking. When I finally had a chance to say anything she was half way through her lunch. I asked her what she really wanted to do after lunch. I told her to be honest with herself. She stopped chewing and looked at me as if she had never thought about what she wanted to do. Her eyes were moving at a mile a minute. she swallowed her last bite and leaned over the table and said as softly as she could. I think I want to go back to my place and have sex. She blushed a bright red. Then she grinned. Wow I never thought I'd say that. Then she giggled. My ex was an elder in our church and we only did it when he was in the mood and it was over in a few seconds. Then he went back to the living room to watch TV.
It wasn't very satisfying, she said still blushing. Well I said it sounds like you need some foreplay and some personal attention. Her face got redder and she said I think so.
We finished lunch and went to her place. It was so neat and perfectly arranged that you would have thought she was going to have a photographer come in for a fashion magazine.
I'll finish this tomorrow I have to go now.

9Simon9 66M
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8/5/2005 7:37 am

Well, you've caught our attention - hook, line & sinker!
Looking forward to your next entry.

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