Karen and I have some fun  

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11/9/2005 10:52 am

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Karen and I have some fun

Karen's husband had left and I finished changing the code in the garage door opener. Karen was still depressed about finding out that her husband had been banging students for their entire marriage. I suggested that I make dinner for her and we would have a long talk. I of course had other ideas going on in my head. For the first time I was thinking about Karen as something more than a sister. I made minted lamb and potatoes Anna. Karen loved it!
"I didn't know you could cook like this!" She said as she finished her lamb. "You didn't even have a recipe!"
"I make this all the time. Now lets go to your living room and have a long talk." I said.
"No, she said, lets go to the bed room and make love. If he can do it so can I!" She said and grabbed my hand and headed directly to the bedroom.
Karen is about my height and weight and even has the same hair and eye color as I do so it is easy to understand why people thought we were brother and sister, it wasn't just because we were together a lot.
We started to kiss and feel each other up as soon as we got on the bed. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Her bra was lacy and I could see her hard nipples through it. I took her bra off and noticed that it was 52EE! Her breasts must weigh at least 10 pounds each. I sucked on one nipple and then the other.
"Yes! Yes! That is what I need some attention." Karen moaned. "Do you mind if I talk while we fuck? Oh I can't believe I said that." Her face turned bright red as if she thought I had never heard the word before.
"You can let loose and say what ever you want. As a matter of fact I think it will do you a world of good to say exactly what you want to. You have been holding your emotions in check for way to long." I said slipping my hand under the top of her skirt. She just grinned as I slid my hand under her panties and rubbed her hairy pussy. She moaned and groaned and I used my free hand to gently twist one of her nipples as I sucked on the other.
"Damn he never did that he would just kiss me a few times and then fuck me." She said.
"Don't worry I'll get you more than ready before we actually fuck." I said as I pulled her skirt and panties off. She has huge ass her panties were size 56! She had obviously never shaved her pussy! "I love a natural unshaved pussy!" I said. I moved down and spread her big thighs and licked her clit as I put a finger in her pussy and she lifted her hips up and moaned even louder. I fingered her faster and sucked on her big clit rubbing my tongue over it. She came and squeezed my head with her huge thighs.
"Holy shit! That's awesome I've never felt like this before! Don't stop!" She said as she shook.
I kept on fingering and licking her pussy and clit. She came several more times and was shaking very hard.
"Stop! Please stop I'll pass out if you don't!" She screamed." She was shaking hard and curled up in a ball. "WOW! Damn! Oh shit!" she moaned it took her what seemed like five minutes to settle down and uncurl her body. "What the hell did you do? I've never cum like that before!" She said as she stopped shaking.
"I just sucked on your clit and fingered you nothing anyone that knows what he is doing wouldn't do." I said.
"Jesus that was great! I'm still shaking and very horny." She said.
"Well we will see what we can do about that right now!" I said "Damn I wish I had a condom."
"There are some in the drawer of that end table I found them this morning." She said pointing to the table next to the bed.
I put one on and licked her pussy a few time to make sure she was wet and ready. I slowly pushed my cock into her wonderfully hairy pussy. She Moaning a bit and pushed her huge hips into me much harder than I expected and I almost fell backwards. I recovered and slowly stroked my cock in her pussy. I rubbed her clit with one of my fingers as I increased the speed of my humping a little at a time. " Fuck the shit out of me, I don't believe I said that! OH shit just fuck me! Rub my fat clit! Damn I like talking dirty!" Karen said blushing.
Karen came several times before I did.
"I really needed that." She said. "I'm glad we finally fucked!" She said her face was still bright red. "I can't believe I'm saying these things but it really does feel good." She said.
"To bad we didn't do this years ago!" I said.

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Good writing!

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