Granny needs it badly  

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11/23/2005 11:03 am

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Granny needs it badly

The granny in question is in her mid seventies. She is a very nice lady. Let's call her Joann just to have a name to use. Her real name isn't even close to that. Anyway Joann live in an apartment near my great Aunt. I had helped Joann when she was having problems with her cable TV.
She had switched the TV to video2 instead of video1. She had no idea how she did it and thought that her TV was broken.
This time she called me and asked if I could hook up her computer to her cable modem. She was all excited about email. Her son had bought her a computer and was paying for her Internet service.
I said that I would be happy to help her. It didn't take long to get her setup and I also set up her web cam so she could have a video conversation with her son. I set up their first video conversation and they were both quite happy. I showed Joann how to work the system so she wouldn't have to call me all the time. I set up her anti spam and virus soft wear to automatically update them selves so she would be protected.
"Why can't I just leave the whole thing on?" She asked.
"You can but what if you walk by just after you shower? I don't think you'd like your son or grandchildren to see that. Plus as you add friends to your list maybe you don't want them to see you in your bath robe." I said as I wrote down the instructions and showed her for the second time how to do it.
"Would you add your name to my list of friends? That way if I have any questions I can ask you over the Internet!" She said feeling good about what she had just learned.
I added my screen name to her list and then had her turn off her computer and then turn it on again. She was very happy when it worked. She thanked me and I left.
That evening I was camming with an old girl friend when Joann sent me a message. She had been watching and listening to me chat and have cyber sex with my old girl friend. She told me that she was laughing and enjoyed the show. I told her that I hadn't intended to offend her that I had not known that she was watching. I told her that the girl I was camming with was in another state.
The she invited me over to her place because she was horny as hell and wanted me to come over and have sex with her.
Since I was, as usual, horny I agreed. Joann was quite excited when I arrived at her apartment. We had a drink and then we had sex. She was happy and enjoyed having her pussy licked as much as she enjoyed getting banged.
Your never to old.

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11/23/2005 12:01 pm

go granny go..

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12/6/2005 8:53 am


I never knew the Utica area could be/have so much fun.


Any chance you can include pics with future blogs?

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