An Awesome Woman  

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4/13/2006 11:36 am
An Awesome Woman

An Awesome Woman
By Rick

This happened in the early seventies, I honestly don’t remember the exact date. As usual all the names have been changed to protect everyone’s privacy and not embarrass anyone.
It was late spring lets say early May. I was working two jobs at the time and Janet was my boss at the second job. I was the assistant chef at a truck stop and Janet was the shift manager. She was about 5’10” and a good 425 pounds.
This night the chef was sick and didn’t come in, well he was so drunk his wife wouldn’t let him out of the house and she called in for him.
“That stupid son of a bitch, Janet screamed as she hung up the phone, he is so drunk he can’t even walk. I ought to cut his balls off and staple them to his ears! His fucking wife put him to bed! So Rick you’ll have to do all the cooking tonight. Can you handle it?”
“Sure I can it’s a slow night. We only have two guys in right now and I’ve already finished their meals. You had better calm down your face is red as a beet and I don’t want you to have a hear attack.”
Janet returned to her small office muttering to herself. I enjoyed the view as she swung her huge ass side to side as she walked away. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans. I suppose it would have been hard to find a loose pair of jeans for that huge ass. Damn I thought to my self I’d like to play with that.
I checked the roast beef and took it out of the oven so it wouldn’t over cook. Then I moved the 50 pounds of mashed potatoes from the huge mixer to trays and put them in the warming oven. I was not having any trouble keeping up with the customers it was a very slow night. The weather was good and no one was stopping. By the time my shift was over we had only had 45 customers and everything went smoothly.
Janet came out from her office and spoke to the new shift leader and the new crew came on line.
“Rick you did a good job tonight I’m going to recommend to Larry ( the owner) that we make you the head chef and can that asshole. This is the third time in 8 days he has been to drunk to work. I don’t need the stress.”
“Thank you Janet but you know that this is my second job so I can’t promise I’ll be here much longer.”
“I know but you’ll give at least two weeks notice before you leave won’t you?”
“At least two weeks you know the job market around here it could be months before I get a good job. Besides I’d miss your smiling face.” She actually blushed.
“Could you give me a ride home? My car is in the shop. Dumb fuck the chef was supposed to give me a lift but I guess I’m lucky his wife is smarter than he is.”
“Sure no problem as long as you don’t mind riding in a pick up truck.”
“I was raised on a farm I’ve drove a pick up until I was thirty.”
I drove her home, she lived in a double wide in a trailer park near the one I lived in. I only had a single wide at the time. We chatted about dirt track racing, something we both liked, and she invited me in to her trailer for a soda. Janet didn’t drink at alcohol at all.
“I have a single wide and this is much better I can’t believe how much room you have.”
“I had a single for years this is much better and it’s better insulated so it doesn’t cost me anymore to heat and cool than the single did. I even have a king sized bed I couldn’t fit one in the old place. I understand that you have a four year degree. Is that true?”
“Yes in public relations. The only reason I’m still here is the boss where I work now has promised me a job doing PR for his company. I need the experience to land a job with one of the big firms.” Janet yawned and drank her soda.
“Thank you for the soda and suggesting that I be made chef. I’ll let you get some sleep.”
“Don’t go I have to talk to Larry in five minutes and I’ll let you know what he says.” She called him and explained what had happened and what she wanted to do. “Well Larry said that it is fine with him you’ll be getting another $2.00 an hour starting tomorrow. He will tell the accountants.”
I was pleased and got up and kissed Janet and thanked her.
“You know Rick I’m very horny and I think that kiss could be the start of something. I haven’t had sex in quite a while. Since I kicked my ex out as a matter of fact. Your always saying how much you like me. Are you serious or just sucking up?”
“I’m very serious Janet I really do love big women! I think that I should prove it to you.”
“Well then lets go to my bedroom I haven’t broken the bed in yet and it’s about time!”
I kissed her again, this time we both used our tongues, and I squeezed her huge tits through her bra and shirt.
“Hummm you get right down to business don’t you?” She stood up towering over me.
I followed her to the bed room rubbing her huge ass as we went. I helped her undress. I was impressed with her huge FFF tits. Her nipples were almost as big as my hand ! Her belly hung over her hairy pussy, her ass was all nice and soft and wiggly. She helped me undress and stroked my hard cock a couple of times. We started to kiss and fondle each other. I sucked on her nipples and she moaned and groaned and I fingered her pussy and she actually came after only a few strokes. Then I got down and licked her clit as I fingered her. She came a couple of times very fast and hard.
“Please stop I need to catch my breath. I haven’t done this in a long time.”
I stopped and just played with her monster nipples and she caught her breath.
“Damn, I said, I just thought I don’t have and rubbers!”
“Don’t worry I had my tubes tied years ago. Now you could lick me some more I love that.”
I laughed and played my tongue over her clit as I fingered her and she moaned and wiggled her huge ass and came every few minutes each orgasm harder and longer than the last.
“Please fuck me before I pass out.”
I got on my knees and the had stretch quite a bit to get my cock in her pussy. One of the great thing about a woman as big as Janet is your balls never drag on the sheets. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight. We both came at the same time.
“Now we can get some sleep but I would like a repeat performance in the morning! I’m a greedy fat woman when I get a man I want a lot of sex.”
“Sounds good to me but I have to be at work in 6 hours so I’ll have to sleep fast!”
We both laughed.

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