A much younger woman.  

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9/6/2005 10:49 am

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A much younger woman.

As most of you who have read my blog know I prefer older women. Bigger is always better.
One of the couples that live in my trailer park went on a cruise and left their 19 year old daughter alone and asked me to take care of her if she needed help.
Monday, labor day, Debbie ( not her real name )
called me.
"Rick can you come over and help me? My computer is down and I don't know what to do about it." She sounded upset.
"What is it doing?" I asked
"It won't connect to the Internet." She said.
I'll be over, I said, as soon as I make some coffee it's only 8 A.M.
"I'll start a pot of coffee here in case it takes a while." She said.
I made some instant coffee and put my shoes on and took my computer tool kit. I knocked on her door.
"Come in Rick." Debbie said.
I walked in and she was at the computer desk in the living room. She was in a bath robe drinking an orange juice. Debbie is a very large woman even bigger than her mother. She is about 6' tall and a good 400 pounds. Her dark hair is long, almost down to her knees, and has red stripes in it. Her brown eyes are set quite far apart. Her smile reveals perfect teeth. The front of her bathrobe was open enough to show a lot of her huge breasts.
"Jesus Debbie you shouldn't let a dirty old man like me in dressed like that. I'm older than your father." I said unable to take my eyes off her.
"Maybe I like older men!" She said as she blushed.
"Let me check out the computer." I said as I took a sip of my coffee. Debbie got up and motioned me to her chair. I got under the desk and found the problem right away. The cable modem was unplugged.
I plugged it in and a few second later I had the computer on line.
"TA-DA!" I said smiling. " All fixed it was just unplugged from the surge suppresser."
"I can't fit under the desk, Debbie said, I'm to large." She opened the front of her bathrobe and held up her huge tits and said. "These get in the way!"
Her nipples were about 3 inches across.
"Damn, I said, those must be FF's!"
"Actually they are GG's and it's hard to find a bra that fits and impossible to find one that is comfortable!"
Her belly hung down so that I couldn't see her pussy. She stood there with a huge grin on her pretty face.
"Don't you want to play with them?" She asked pouting.
"I promised your parents I'd help you if you needed it but I don't think that this is what they had in mind. I'm way to old for you, as the song says I'm not as good as I used to be." I said staring at her.
"I know you like big women I've seen some of your girl friends. It isn't like I'm a virgin or underage." She said moving close enough for me to feel the heat from her body.
"Damn,I said, I think I'm going to do something I shouldn't!" I licked one of her nipples and it got hard right away and stood out an inch and a half at least.
"Lets go to my room." She said dropping her bathrobe to the floor. Her voice was deeper than normal. Her ass had to be 52 inches around. I followed her to her room.
"I don't have any condoms, I said, and I don't want to get you pregnant"
"Don't worry I have a fresh box I bought a year ago. I haven't opened it yet. I don't fuck just anyone and a lot of the guys I like don't like big women." She said sitting on the edge of her bed. She opened the drawer of her side table and took out a box of condoms.
"We don't need them right away." I said as I licked one of her nipples and rubbed the other between two fingers. Debbie moaned and shook a little bit. I ran a hand down to her pussy, and slowly pushed a finger in her already wet pussy.
"Ohh that's nice don't stop." She said pushing her big hips up into my hand.
I sucked even harder on her nipple and squeezed the other one a bit harder.
"I'm cuming!" She said and bucked and moaned and then screamed as she came.
I just grinned and moved down and spread her big thighs and sucked hard on her clit as I fingered her big hairy pussy.
"Holy shit!" she said and came again.
"Damn you know how to make a fat girl cum!" She said her belly shaking like a bowl of jelly.
"Years of experience and lots of practice." I said and put another finger in her pussy and stroked it harder and faster as I sucked on her clit. She came again and squeezed my head with her thighs and bounced and made a high pitched noise that sounded like a steam leak.
I stopped and while she caught her breath I opened the box of condoms and put one on.
I lifted her legs as high as I could and slipped my cock in her pussy. She was so wet and hot that I don't think the lube on the condom made any difference. I pumped as slowly as I could. Debbie was moaning again and came twice, she almost broke my back, her huge powerful legs were wrapped around my back and she squeezed so hard when she came. I stroked faster and faster until I came. I continued to stroke until my cock went soft. When I pulled my cock out the condom was still in her pussy and I pulled it out.
We were both sweating and breathing hard.
"Damn I'm glad my parents are away until next Saturday." Debbie said.
"Me to!" I said not feeling the least guilty.

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9/17/2005 9:49 am

Hi, Rick.
I notice you're always giving oral, but are you ever reciprocated??
Just curious.
Keep up the good work!

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