Enigma's first ever blog!  

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6/22/2005 4:58 pm

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Enigma's first ever blog!

It's always fun exploring new sites and finding out how everything works. So far I'm pleased with my decision to join this site. Of course if you like toys, more toys and tools are better.

I think that one always tempers his thinking to the "all that glitters is not gold" rule. I'm sure some people use others pictures (not themselves) to show themselves as a "Goddess or God". I say don't blame them, as they are probably just lonely and desire someone to desire them and be attracted to them. We all have our flaws and we all have our vanities about them. I met a person who is much younger than me, she doesn't even remotely resemble my dream girl. However there is something truly wonderful about her. Her spirit, her personality, her "I don't give a fuck attitude", her sense of adventure and I am truly attracted to her. Unfortunately she has a significant other and it's pretty serious. There is a lesson in this and I will leave it to you gentle reader to figure it out. So anyway I'm out of luck with this most remarkable woman, which is why I'm here. To see if I can find an equally remarkable woman. I digress!

Now if it is sex you are looking for and I presume most of us here are, because for one reason or another we are all; well without and we don't want to be without. Maybe we should just be open to just checking out everything on the buffet as it is offered and maybe we'll find something or in this case someone who can ring our bells...just a thought.

So endeth the blog!

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