Another wet night in Lincolnshire  

farmwifey 65M/59F
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12/4/2005 7:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another wet night in Lincolnshire

Sure was a wet night last night. Terry and I hooked up with one of the guys who contacted us recently and despite some misgivings on his part about not wearing a condom, I got a good load inside me and Terry got his sloppy seconds as usual. I thought I'd share with you the sight of what two lots of cum look like when Terry had finished with me. I can tell you girls it's hard work keeping it all inside until the guy with the camera is ready. When he says "action", it's like turning on a tap. Not quite a 5 tissue job but pretty close. The new guy is now committed to bareback riding and we shall be seeing him again soon. We're hoping to go hunting again in the pubs around Boston, to see if my new blonde hair colour turns a few more heads. I think I could have had the pick of the bar where we met up with last nights stud prior to going back to our place. I started to get wet before we left the place at the thought of a couple of the guys in the bar running their hands between my legs. If they new I was almost fifty, I wonder if they'd still give me the eye in the way that says "I'd sure like to fuck you". Perhaps I'll stick with the being a blonde for a while. Terry says that it might get the attention of a great looking black guy who we see down the gym and judging by the size of what he's got hidden under the lycra, it'll be a painful introduction to my first black cock. Terry can't wait either. He's looking forward to watching me get impalled on my first ebony monster.

AyrshireDoc 35M

12/4/2005 8:51 am

Sounds like a great night had by all! Chalk up another success for AdultFriendFinder (now if only i could have one of my own haha)

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