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8/29/2005 8:09 am

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Tell me the crazyiest sex story of the sexiest thing you've done in your life detail for detail please!!!

cowboyx0 47M

8/31/2005 6:55 pm

What do you call crazy??... How about this.. It was at a B-day party, on the beach, at a condo. (First time at a COND We all were having a great time. (drinking, dancing, there was a pool table so we were shooting pool) As the night progressed, the b-day girl took me to the master bed room where she stood infront of me and slowly undressed. Then she made me stand and took off my shirt, and she moved me around to my right then to my left in a simi-circle inching my cloths off a little at a time. (my eyes just fixed on her) As things progressed, it seemed that the noise level was getting less and less. (it must of been that I was so involved with this female) She then had all my cloths off and she put my cock in her mouth, and teasing it just a little. she then streached out on her back, spread her legs apart, moved her hand down, and exposed her clit. I moved down and started to use my tongue to her exposed area. Then she pressed with her hand on the back of my head, so I was firmly against her clit, as I licked her more. Then she pulled me forward and she rubbed her moist spot around my cock. I pulled her legs up and around my shoulders and entered. My butt moving high above moving in and out. To change it up some, she then moved on to her hands and knees and we were at it once more. Once more she moved me onto my back and gave me a little more of a tease with her mouth, and crawled up ontop of me. she rode me and when I was close to cumming She stood me up and she started giving me a hand job and tease me with her mouth at the same time. I was starting to get a little loud, and louder, and then I started to tense up. she then told me to look over to my side and it was just a short wall and every one was watching us. I said, "OOOHHHH DAMN!!!" and I was shooting cumming all over in every which direction as she kept jacking me off and laughing. would that be something crazy?

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