Satisfaction brought it back...  

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1/12/2006 3:53 pm

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Satisfaction brought it back...

It was late. I dared not consult my watch because then I would really be paranoid. No way was I gonna ruin the lovely evening that I'd just had because of some guilt trip I was intent on putting myself through. Naw, wasn't gonna be none of that tonight.

I parked in front of my house and all of the lights were out. "Maybe he won't know how late I came in," was what I said to myself all the while thinking that this night he'd wait up for me.

I opened the front door and it creaked a bit but a lone television left blaring in one of the bedrooms buffered the sound. Quietly I crept up the stairs. The bedroom door was shut but I could open it without making a single, solitary sound. Just an eye-width crack was enough for me to see that he was out cold. If he snored any louder he'd surely wake the dead. Luck was on my side. The way he was caling the hogs meant that he'd been nighty-nite at least a couple of hours.

Fuck it; I left the damn door cracked. No use risking a sound that might reverberate throughout the room and awaken my sleeping spouse. Creeping as soundlessly as I could, I scurried down two flights of steps into the basement family room where I fell out onto the soft cushy sofa. I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep and the only thing standing between me and a good nights sleep was the phone call I always made to my confidant to signal my safe return home. Sweet dreams would have to wait to take me away.

I called my message service so that I could leave her a message without actually ringing her telephone. No way would I forget to call. My safe friend would have no problem calling whoever I'd rendevouzed with to find out where the hell I was. Plus leaving her a message gave me a sense of relief before I sat back, relaxed and recalled the events of the evening past.

She was a different kind of Goodtime. Though not experienced in the clinical sense, her vivid imagination filled the gaps where she felt unsure.

We'd met through the site and decided after two emails and a telephone conversation that it was time to meet. Goodtime didn't want to go the regular route of meeting in a public place and conversing for a few before we decided if we would do the damn thing. No Goodtime felt that we had talked the talk; it was time to walk the walk.

The Welcome Inn in Baltimore was our chosen meeting place. She'd reserved a room and provided me with the room number so all I had to do was show up and share my experience with her.

I arrived about twenty minutes after her. Once I entered the room Goodtime let me know that she meant business by pressing me up against the wall and tongueing me down. Her kiss was wicked and I liked it alot. Her petite frame belied her enormous sexual appetite. I learned this first hand as she groped my breasts and ass.

"Slow down baby," I said. "I ain't got nothing but time so what's the rush?" She surprised me when she said, "I've been waiting a lifetime for this and I don't want to wait a minute more." Shit that was fine by me. Gently, I pushed her away long enough to rid myself of my jacket.

"OK baby," I said. "You want it. You got it." I pressed her lithe body against me as I lifted her by her pretty little ass. She wore a look of surprise but shy she was not.

Goodtime ground her pelvis into mine trying to get a rhythm started. Problem was she was rubbing her pussy against my stomach and that was no thrill at all.

"I know what you what. Let me show you how to get it." Having forwarned her, I slid her down my body in order to balance her wet pussy against my pelvic bone.

"Lesson #1. Feel that," and I pressed my bone into her crotch. "This is the spot that's gonna give you what you're looking for." She thought I was being cocky and had no idea that I actually meant what I'd said.
"Is that right?" Goodtime said like a doubting Thomas.
"Oh, most definitely. See when I do this," I illustrated my point by slowly grinding my pelvic bone against her clit, "you get the sensation of a rock hard cock being firmly pressed against your box." I rolled my hips again and again increasing the pressure and pace against her clit. Three or four gyrations had her pussy soaking wet.

"You like?"
"Fuck yeah I like."
"Then you're gonna love this." I grabbed a hold of her butt cheeks and held them firmly in both of my hands before I rhythmically pumped her pussy hard and fast maybe twelve to fifteen times.

The first orgasim had Goodtime screaming my name. The second and third had her holding on for dear life telling anyone who was listening that this pussy was mine.

I counted one-one thousand; two-one thousand then turned around so that her back was against the wall. I leaned away from her, latched onto her small breasts to massage and knead them into supplication.

Moans escaped her body that I don't think she realized were even coming from her mouth. Though her breasts were small, her nipples were not. Ther swelled, like acorns in the palms of my hand and the feeling was exquisite.

"Bite it baby," she commanded and I eagerly complied. I licked those nipples. I sucked those nipples and oh hell yes I bit those chocolate covered nipples too. Goodtime loved every minute of it.

Placing her feet on the floor I soon realized that Goodtime needed a minute to steady herself. Her wobbly legs refused to support her own weight. "Work with me baby. I've got more of what you need." Goodtime came back at me with, "Oh but I'm counting on it." She poised her body for round two. I turned her to face the wall, pulled her hair off her neck and tasted the back of her neck. For this I was rewarded with a shudder that ran down the length of her back. My tongue licked and sucked a path down the center of her back. Licking and sucking can be quite erotic if done correctly and I am oh so good at it.

I squatted before gliding my hands down the sides of her body to land on each of her butt cheeks. I planned to send Goodtime over the edge. I bent her over. Spread her ass nice and wide.

The first flick of my tongue almost proved to be her undoing as Goodtime's knees began to buckle. "You got to handle your's baby so I can handle mine," is what I said to her and she proved that she could indeed handle her own. She braced her hands against the wall, squared her shoulders and tightened her shapely legs.

Then she allowed me to have my way with her and mmmmm did I. I licked the crack of her ass. It tasted like just like pudding and I told her so. Then spread her legs further apart then before so that I could taste her pussy lips which looked so inviting. See her pretty bare pussy lips appeared to be smiling at me. I tasted her lips. I tasted all of her down to her core. Goodtime squirmed, wiggled and gyrated her sweet pussy just enough to give me what I wanted and more.

Her orgasim wasn't far off and yet I still wanted more. We were in tune with one another. She must have sensed I needed more cause she turned her head to the side to motion for me to move back a little more. I didn't see the attack cuming. Girlfriend was swift with her shit. Before I knew what had hit me she had knocked me onto my back, removed my pants and opened my blouse. When she realized that my pussy was juicy, wet, moist, she straddled my legs and was on me like fire.

Baby opened my legs, placed her pussy over mine and slammed her sexy ass body all into mine. She ground her box against mine with an urgency so intense she looked like a sugar junkie on candy crack. I don't mind admitting that it had been a while since I'd had sex as invigorating as this. Goodtime rocked my pussy so good I thought my nut was in a speedrace it hit me so hard and fast. Hell I might have blacked out her pussy had me feeling so good. Room 38 would never be the same. We rocked every surface of the room.

Got our damn money's worth from the every piece of furniture in the room. The chair, the bed, the table, the floor, the wall, the tub, the edge of the sink all played a part in our pussy games.

Hours later we cuddled close, reveling in all that had taken place since we took residence in the room. "Was it what you imagined?" I couldn't stop myself from asking. "Yes," she replied a little breathy. "It was all that and more."

Goodtime went home with a smile on her face and a satisfied pussy I could hear humming as she stepped into her car. She sent me home with a new found appreciation for Newbies. Never again will I underestimate the curiosity of a kat cause satisfaction will bring it back...again, and again and again.

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1/12/2006 5:47 pm

Goldmember: twice the pleasure, twice the fun.

JeepKatt 43F  
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1/12/2006 7:42 pm

Wow, beauty and brains...what a captivating storyteller you are! I'm a Newbie, and I have loads of enthusiasm...

fantasygurl000 55F

1/12/2006 8:28 pm

JeepKatt I most definitely want to test your level of enthusiasm. Perhaps you'll be the next Goodtime that I write about.

RachelRevois 46F
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1/18/2006 7:51 pm

Girl, I'm ready to get on a plane headed for Maryland.

creamymilk2 41F

1/27/2006 6:24 am

would like to be that friend to help you out from time to time but you only get email from your matches so let me in you sent me a email but i can't responsed but would like to meet you

fun2c4me 46F

4/6/2006 11:58 am

Excellent Stories! You are one sexy woman. Keep up the Goodtimes and enjoy yourself.

Ambrosia20004 57F

4/10/2006 3:27 pm

Girl, I have never wanted to be in Maryland so bad!!!

LusciousLips2009 46F
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4/10/2006 10:19 pm

Damn should be writing erotic books. Your breasts are gorgeous.

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