Let me give you what you need  

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10/21/2005 9:03 am

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Let me give you what you need

Being an experienced bisexual women on AdultFriendFinder has it's advantages. I am frequently asked to turn out a newbie and I enjoy my role of teacher. I must admit that I do rather enjoy giving another woman what she needs; what she yearns for.

My first encounter with a newbie involved a younger woman who I'll call Goodtime. Goodtime was very curious about being with another woman and her curiousity drove her to contact me.

Her initial email said," I like how you think. Sounds like you'd be an excellent lover and teacher. How did you know that was just what I've been looking for?"

I liked this because it differed from the usual, 'When can I suck your big titties?' So I contacted her and after a few brief emails we decided to meet.

The location was a hotel in a rather seedy part of route 175. On this road were a number of small hotel/motel chains that I'd never frequented but Goodtime insisted that the one she'd selected was OK.

I arrived and at first glance thought I'd been stood up because none of the cars that I could see looked occupied. Goodtime had assured me that she would be waiting in her car for me and just as I began to convince myself that this was another one of those no-show situations, my phone rang and it was her. She'd parked beside a huge truck that had kept her location underwraps until she directed me over.

Her windows were tinted so I was not sure of a physical attraction until she revealed herself. This cinniman brown woman, with wavy hair pulled into a ponytail emerged from the car and I was pleased. She had a little meat on her bones, something I'd always liked in a woman. Men may like em' small and petite but I knew better so my preference was a woman who looked like a woman and not a small child.

Goodtime was curvy with nice sized breasts that were straining against the buttons of her top. She'd worn a short skirt that showed off her fat legs and ample behind but when she smiled the only thing I noticed was her pearly whites and deep dimples. Goodtime was quite a woman and from then on I looked foward to turning her out.

She opened the door of my truck and slid into the passenger seat. The expression on her face told me all that I needed to know. Goodtime liked what she saw too. We exchanged pleasentries and she agreed to go inside to obtain a room while I waited in my truck. I guess she didn't want the desk clerk to know that we were together but to be honest this wasn't the type of place where it would really matter.

I watched her enter the room before I moved to leave my truck. Her instructions were implicit. I was to wait until the coast was clear before making my way to the room.

She opened the door and I was pleasently surprised because the room was rather spacious and clean.

I could tell that Goodtime was nervous by the way she avoided direct eye contact. We sat on opposite ends of the bed and I attempted to narrow the distance by sharing a bit about myself. It worked. Shortly thereafter we were exchanging tidbits of information about each other. I discovered that she had been dying to experience another woman for quite sometime but had not yet been able to hook up with a suitable AdultFriendFinder member. I shared similiar experiences and soon we were laughing and joking our way into the comfort zone.

She either didn't notice or chose to ignore the fact that I'd narrowed the gap by inching my way over to her side of the bed. The time had come to be a bit more intimate.

"Goodtime, you look lovely tonight." She blushed at my compliment. "I hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable," I asked and she responded, "No it's just that I've never been told that by a woman before." She smiled and that encouraged me. "Well, you are very lovely and I am glad that we decided to meet. Would you mind if I touched you?" She tensed at first but then a determined look came into her eyes and I knew that she was ready. "Sure, you can touch me, just take it slow OK?"

I smiled and moved close enough to feel the heat from her body. I placed my hand on her forearm and said, "Don't worry, I won't do anything that you don't want me to." I began seducing her by massaging the muscles in her neck. Tension had settled there and I wanted her to relax. As I began to rub the corded muscles in her back I inadvertently discovered what must have been a hot spot of her's because she signed and much of the tension that my nimble fingers had picked up was released. "Lie down on your stomach," I gently commanded and she followed my instructions. Up and down; down and up was the motion of my hands. Each stroke brought me closer to arousel. My fingers reached the small of her back and she parted her legs to let me know that she was ready.

No further encouragement was needed. I stroked her butt cheeks, gently at first and then urgently when I felt her passion on the rise. Both of my hands were used to knead each cheek of her ass into submission. Goodtimes lucious body began to hump the bed. Beads of sweat exploded all over her cinnimon toast body. Leaning over, I whispered in her ear, "Turn over." She complied. Her eyes were closed but somehow I knew it was because she had gotten caught up in the sensuality of the moment.

I started with her shoulders, rubbing cirles around her neck and collarbone to relax her mind and her body before my hands inched all the way to the twin peaks who'd been calling me since emerging from the car. Oh I took excellent care of them. I stroked them. I kneaded them. I sucked them and yes, I pinched and licked them. Goodtime seemed to have an out of body experience of sorts as she squirmed beneath me. I kept one hand stationed on her breast while the other caressed her smooth stomach. Her need for sex was real. I could smell it. Her body gyrated toward my hand before her pussy tried to impale itself on it. She was ready for what I had to give her and I planned to savor the moment. Her face registered surprise when I latched onto her thighs and pulled her legs over the side of the bed, pressing her pelvis into the side of it. Before Goodtime could barely take a breath, I covered her body with the length of mine. One of my hands caressed her breast while the other tickled the hairs covering her moist mound. My tongue traveled the space between her neck and shoulders and my mouth found a hot spot at the base of her neck and sucked her pussy into a frenzy.

Now Goodtime's body called to me for fulfillment. I palmed her sweet juicy pussy rubbing and stimulating her rosebud like clit. I was rewarded with a fresh excretion of her pussy juice. Enough to cover my outstretched hand. Her hands covered mine making it impossible for me to move. "Take this pussy now," is what she asked of me. It was what I'd been waiting for. Who was I to refuse another pussy in need?

I turned her on her knees to face me. "Touch me," I said, "Anywhere you want." She went for my breasts; rubbing and squeezing them until my nipples were the size of dimes. "Shit, I like that," I whispered as my pussy shuddered in anticipation. She surprised me when she said, "You like that, huh? Well your gonna like this even better." Goodtime pulled my shirt up over my head to reveal my black lacy bra. Roughly she pulled the straps from my arms to release my titties from their holding place. Her mouth circled one breast and I had to balance myself on her shoulders to reign in a hot flash of desire. My titties are my spot that sent me to that sensual place of no return. She sucked, she bit, she licked one titty and then the next until my pussy had soaked my panties through. I couldn't hold back so I pushed her away to look in her eyes. I saw passion and my passion was returned.

"I need to have you now. Are you ready for me?" is what I asked. I think she whispered yes although it was soft and breathy so I couldn't be sure but then she began to disrobe and I knew that it was on.

I remembered her profile said she liked to be submissive so I took control of the moment. She wanted it rough so I appeased her by pushing her onto the bed and spreading her legs as wide as I could. I straddled Goodtime placing my pussy directly above her's. Then I rubbed that pussy hard and firm with sure strokes that had her body on fire. "Grind you pussy harder. That's it baby, rub that clit right on your spot. Yeah, get your's baby," her gyrations came harder and faster as I instructed her on what to do. "Almost there baby, I know you are. Rock this pussy baby. Claim this pussy tonight." Whew! My nut hit me hard and fast. I couldn't tell you who came first. All I know is that we had a slew of pussy juice between us, both of us willing accomplises. She shuddered as her orgasim rocked her body. I wasn't totally fulfilled. I needed to taste her to finish sexing her so I slid down her body and grabbed ahold of her breasts while my mouth and my tongue danced with her clit. Goodtime damn near jumped out of her skin as I licked and sucked her entire pussy right. Top to bottom; left to right. She later she told me no one had ever satsified her pussy like that.

The rest I'll leave up to your imagination since this is turning into a chapter of a book I might decide to write. Thanks to Goodtime and word of mouth, I'll have a few good women to write about. I am the goodtime lover of women who seek me because I give them what they want. A Good time.

RachelRevois 46F
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11/2/2005 8:53 pm

Damn girl, you got me so hot and wet. Let's meet!

rm_nycbaybqueen 46M/46F

11/11/2005 6:32 am

All I can say is "whew"! That was so damn good, I want to have next! Can I please? Let's meet today.....

yummydiva 31F
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11/15/2005 4:26 pm

im with everyone else reading that got me wet, damn i hope my first time goes like that

hotlipsbecca2 34

11/16/2005 5:49 am

wow! damn fine words hun, if there wasnt a big sea between us id be at ur door like a shot x

fantasygurl000 55F

11/16/2005 6:10 am

Thanks for the comments ladies. I'm so glad I could share one of my experiences and make you wet all in the same breath. While all of my experiences have not been this pleasing most of them have been. I say that to encourage those who have not yet hooked up but are still searching for that 1st time girl/girl experience. Sometimes it's not the 1st person that you have or even the 2nd but be patient enough and someone will turn you out or at least your pussy. And don't worry, if your experience doesn't turn out the way you expected, try, try again. If all else fails, tell me what you need; what you crave and I'll give it a shot. After all who on this site isn't looking for a Good Time?

playwititplease 36F

11/22/2005 9:44 am

Like everyone else, I was beyond moved. Arousal would be an understatement. I hope to have experiences that are as pleasurable as those. I have been stood up or let down so many times, I just don't worry anymore. But, anyway, wonderful blog..keep it up..got me hooked

rm_ladyluv0 43F

12/30/2005 10:02 pm

You are amazing!!!Your experience with Goodtime takes my breath away it was beautifully erotic.I am sure you know that already.You are such a great writer I am sure everyone reading it is as wet as I am. Maybe you can be MY teacher.

sweet_kellz 30F
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2/10/2006 3:04 am


curiousity609 45F
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2/20/2006 7:40 pm

DAMN, THAT WAS HOT AS HELL!! My pussy is soaking wet. I'd love for you to teach me a thing or two. Sounds like you know how to treat a pussy right.

Ambrosia20004 57F

4/13/2006 2:19 pm

Girl, as usual, AWESOME

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