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7/8/2006 9:28 pm

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Girl's Nite In

It's been a while since I've had an encounter worth writing about. Who know's why? I've had some encounter's here and there that have left me breathless and wanting more but none have moved me to share as the Girl's Nite In that I attended a couple of weeks ago.

A few days before the event I received an evite from a woman I'd had the pleasure of meeting in a touchy, feely kind of way several months prior. It had been an enjoyable experience for us both, if memory serves me right but for some reason we never got together again. I chalked it up to good times and enjoyed the memory.

Imagine my surprise when I got an evite to attend a Girl's Nite In for a few of her most initmate friends. Her timing couldn't have been more right so I accepted and looked forward to what promised to be an interesting nite.

The location was an obscure address that I must admit was difficult to find. After driving around in circles a few minutes I took a chance on an un-marked street and lo' and behold found exactly what I'd been looking for.

About seven women were already there when I arrived. I knew our Hostess and Wideopen but none of the other women seated around the room. There was food, drinks and adult movie entertainment to set the tone for the evening.

The mix of women was exceptional if I am any judge. Our Hostess had chosen an eclectic assortment of attractive women that appealed to me and just about everybody there. I found a spot around the entertainment center where everyone congregated. Soulful music served as the perfect backdrop to light conversation as we drank, talked and got to know a little about each other. There were a couple of newbie's who admited to wanting to watch and see where the moment might take them but for the most part everyone had real-time experience with other women and wanted to play. My initial thought was there was no way anyone could resist this room full of sexy ass women especially once they got naked and familiarized themselves with one another.

The nite wore on, the group relaxed and got a lot more comfortable. Someone started talking about various adult groups in the area. Someone else pulled out a strap-on in a show and tell sort of way. Breasts seemed to buldge out of low cut tops. Someone wearing a dress sat with her legs gaped open enough for me to discern the abscense of panties. Our Hostess flashed her pretty waxed pussy now and then. She even started a conversaton on the pro's and cons of waxing which had me watching her hiked dress though I was focused more on her big beautiful titties straining hard against her tight dress. The sexual energy in the room had me in lust mode as I envisioned what I'd love to do to each and every one of the sexy women around me. An experienced group of sexually liberated women will have you imagining all sorts of things if you take the time to give it some thought. I did, which is why I knew exactly what to do when the evening turned hot.

A few of us migrated to one of the back bedrooms to smoke, drink and flirt to our hearts content. We were laughing and clowning; just funning it up when the rest of the group joined the back room crew to liven things up.

Our Hostess was quite intoxicated by now so it was funny when she yelled, "OK Lady's I want to see some titties and asses." And to prove she was serious our Hostess removed her jersey dress and released her thick sexy body. No other encouragement was needed. Everybody started taking off their clothes. It was no surprise to me when more then a few had little to nothing to remove before they posed naked around the room. Even the watches disrobed with us which was a pleasant surprise. They weren't party poopers and that's always a good sign. In no time at all bodies were intermingled.

My first was a woman I'll call Hazel-eyes. She had a nice shaped honey colored body with curves, a fat ass and heavy breasts. She latched onto my voluptious 38DD's and made my nipples swell in her mouth. Hazel-eyes sucked my titties to perfection. She sucked so good she made my toes tingle. Before I could recover she wasted no time in licking, and sucking and finger fucking my pussy until I impaled my pussy on her hand and pumped until I felt relief. I returned the favor by sucking her titties and eating her pussy until she had to ask me to stop.

I had gotten my second wind when I rolled over and found hungry eyes watching me while she rubbed her extra large nipples to erection. "What's the matter baby, you don't have anyone to play with?" I said trying to be all coy and shit. Little did I know she had patiently waited her turn to have her way with me. She smiled and lifted one of her pretty titties to her mouth to suck. "I could play with myself," she said, "But I'd rather play with you." I must admit I had to do a double take. Baby spoke like the whitest of white girls but her lovely brickhouse body and oversized breasts said she was all sistah. I watched as she sucked her own juicy titty like her mouth had an Energizer Bunny in it or something. Yeah Ms. Energizer Bunny had some experience behind her very proper voice. When she told me she was starved for some good pussy I knew that I would fuck her right tonight.

We tried to squeeze onto the bed but three couples had already put a lock on most of the space so I followed her lead into a second bedroom that was unoccupied and very inviting.

She laid on her back and beckoned me to mount her. In less then a minute my pussy was gyrating over her lips, her tongue, her mounth in a motion that was poetry at best. This woman sucked my pussy so fucking good I wouldn't have been able to tell you my name if you'd asked me in the throes of what she was giving me. Ms. Energizer Bunny was a bonifide pussy hound with an appreciation for my top shelf shit. Even when Ms. Strap-on made us a trio and pumped and ground her way into Ms. Energizer's pussy and the Bunny returned fire by pumping and fucking that cyperskin dick right back she did not break stride and continued to eat my pussy. Our Hostess took over for Ms. Strap-on to lick and suck and finger fuck that energized pussy to distraction and still that woman continued to suck my clit and tongue fuck my box. I don't believe I had a drop of juice left in me when Ms. Strap-on knocked me off the Energizer's face in order to place her throbbing pussy on that greedy relentless mouth.

I used my repreive to collect myself. I found a squat, lite a cigarette and watched the live adult movie taking shape in bedroom number one.

There were two groups of women handling their business. The group on the bed consisted of three women; Vanilla; Mocha; and Chocolate. Vanilla was one of two watchers. Judging by the way her body was twitching and gyrating while Mocha ate her pussy and licked the crack of her pretty pale ass I guess you could say that Vanilla had a change of heart. Or it could have been the way Chocolate sucked two Vanilla titties in her mouth at the same time while Vanilla tried to choke back moans in the back of her throat.

Hazel-eyes and our Hostess were heating up the corner of the bed. Hazel eyes had our Hostess leaned back and braced on her elbows while our Hostess spread her legs and pussy as wide and as high as she could. Hazel-eyes used her snake like tongue to attack all that pretty pink pussy in front of her. I couldn't watch more then a minute before I moved in behind Hazel-eyes to take the weight of our Hostess's legs so that Hazel Eyes could spread those pussy lips like she really wanted to. Plus it gave me access to Hazel-eyes tight round ass which she rubbed up and down my pussy and clit. It didn't take very long for my juicy box to lubricate our grind and so it was a three-on-three marathon in the first bedroom with everybody going for their's all at the same time. Talk about erotic! I fucked up and got caught up in all that was going on in me, on me and around me. Too much too soon and my nut came hard and too fast. Hazel-eyes and our Hostess were still trying to get where I'd just cum so I did the right thing and took my leave. If they were anything like me they would want to get their grind on pussy to pussy before that final thrust and rush; you know what I mean. I slapped Hazel-eyes on the ass, got in a final squeeze and walked my happy ass over to the 2nd bedroom. Ms. Energizer Bunny and Ms. Strap-on were locked in a heavy 69. No way anyone would infiltrate that.

A parched throat and a nice nice Moscoto had me headed to the kitchen. The wine felt good going down. Better in fact then I thought it would. I'd just swallowed my first mouthful when I turned to see the other watcher fully dressed and sprawled across the living room sofa. I don't know if it was from sleep, drink or sexual frustration but no matter the reason I couldn't imagine anyone sleeping through a nite like this.

After finishing my drink I returned to the first bedroom fully intending to clean-up, get dressed and be on my way. Yeah that was my intention until I walked into the room to witness a sea of naked bodies all sprawled across the bed in disarray. But in front of me; right in front of me was Ms.Energizer Bunny with her pussy all twitching and glistening and shit. Her legs dangled off the edge of the bed all spread open and what not. What got me the most was the way her mouth lazily suckled our Hostess' nipple before she licked the underside of her breast. Baby was a hound till the end and I wanted more of her.

I walked over and stood directly between her legs spreding them wider while every one else was at rest. My thumb had a mind of it's own as it slowly began to stroke Ms. Energizer's engorged clit. Strokes became rubs. Rubs became feels. Feels turned into thrusts and soon baby was pumping my hand giving me all the pussy. Her pussy got juicy on me before it got greedy. Had her thrusting and gyrating her lovely hips to meet me. Two fingers fucked her pussy, in and out; in and out then a roundhouse on her clit to in and out again. Our Hostess started grinding her pussy on somebody else which left Ms. Energizer Bunny to devote all of her attention on me.

I couldn't resist the notion of grinding her pussy against mine. That grind was a good one. All juicy and wet. Ms. Energizer knew just how to wrap her legs around me in just the right position to amplify our grind while I sucked her heavy ass titties to my hearts content.

Her motion grew frenzied and I knew it was time to set that pussy off right so I lowered myself and licked and sucked that pussy before I licked and sucked some more. I licked and sucked Energizer's pussy until I'd sampled every drop. Baby was true to form as she fucked my mouth and tongue with the best pussy that I've had an occasion to sample in a good long time. She fucked my face until I was covered with her sweet sassy sauce. Let me tell you, that Energizer Bunny's pussy was tasty as rum punch.

I lifted my head, wiped my sopping face and took in all the beautiful women around me in various throes of passion. Grunts, moans, ohhh's, ahhh's, were all delicious sounds of women pleasing women. I was speechless for a few moments. Then I gathered my things, gave a final rub to Ms. Energizer's pussy for good measure and jetted off to the bathroom to cleanup for the ride home.

I came out in time to see everyone making ready to leave. I guess I'd started something. Ms. Energizer scooted past me into the bathroom with the same clean up strategy that I'd had in mind. I found our Hostess and thanked her for inviting me to her Girl's Nite In. I even gave a few pumps and feels as a fond farewell to a few of my new intimate friends before I actually stood in front of the door to readying myself to leave. Surprisingly Ms. Energizer Bunny was right behind me as I walked through the door. She even reached her car before I reached mine. Baby started her vehicle, let it warm up a few minutes then she sped out of the parking lot into the night as we sometimes like to do. I did the same my damn self.

You know the funny thing about that evening was, none of us asked each other's name. We just went with what we knew and gave up what we wanted. I enjoyed my first Girl's Nite In and look forward to many more to cum.

prettylilpuss 38F
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7/10/2006 8:00 am

Well as the host of this amazing event, I have to say I am sooo happy you and everyone else had a great time! I hope to do it again soon!

rm_humpngurlz 50F

7/18/2006 6:57 am


Thank you for letting me read your blogs. Now I know what I need to do. Be more agressive! Today I am changing my profile and being serious about my fantasy. Which is exactly the one like you had in Jaspers. LoL

Love Peace and Happiness

xxxbabe33 43F

7/24/2006 8:02 pm

Got damn! My pussy was twitching just reading your experience and what went on. I imagined myself there, feeling titties and eating pussy. What a great story!

fantasygurl000 55F

7/25/2006 12:52 pm

xxxbabe33 trust that the actual experience was better then the story

rm_so_curious76 40F  

7/25/2006 2:20 pm

that girls nite in sounds amazing. and reading your take on it was so sensual. i have to go change my panties now. what an amazing story!

rm_goodntasty69 49F
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8/31/2006 7:36 pm

Ok, no fun. When is the next one. Please, please, please, invite me. I feel as though I was there but like fantasy said, I'm know it was actually better than the story. Thanks fantasy for putting me there in virtual reality...LOL

Damn, I missed it!

rm_freaky_one 50F
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9/14/2006 5:25 pm

You girls are HOT! I love your blog, it is VERY sensual and erotic, that's what I like in women. You girls would make great porn stars, but I know you have to keep your privacy... Great Fun!

rm_96xlz 66M
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3/21/2007 8:20 am

i like it

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