my night  

fantasyboo69 38F
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4/10/2006 2:50 pm
my night

It was a Friday night and my aunt, my friend K. and I had decided to stay in atl. We got us some sexy clothes, all of us were diffrent, My aunt S. is blondish brown midlength hair with hazel eyes, Kinda heavy, K. has short blond hair and blue eyes she is short too, nice biiggggg tits. Then there was me, short skinny, midlength brownish red hair brown eyes. They had on buttun shirts and jeans and i had on a cami top see through with matching bra and a very short skirt, with litttle pink thongs. We had a good friend of mine pick us up and drive us around. We will call him A. We went around and couldnt find anything we wanted to do, we stoped at one place it was good but not what we wanted so we left. A. found a little swingers club and we went in. It was late about 2 am so no one was there, i grabbed A., and we headed up the stairs, as we went in the room he was already pulling up my skirt already touching me. He had me on my back and the bed right away.. then came the knowck at the door, in came K. I thought she was gonna stop me, but she sat down beside me and started kissing me, I moaned ummm my best girl and a man with a nice cock fucking me. Well then A. was fucking K. and i was kissing her nice large tits, then he came back to me.He eventually came one my back..
we went back down the stairs where i started to dance on the pole living my thing out about dancing on a pole, we left soon after but it was great. me and K have alot to finnish between her and I .

Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

4/10/2006 8:20 pm

Wow, what a adventure!

Sure you two have a lot to do together.


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