If I were President  

fantaceeman 39M
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4/3/2006 6:49 am
If I were President

Man the USA is in shit shape. If I were the boss man, el Presidento, I would start almost from scratch. Our predessors say we should not have to pay more than 25% of our earnings in taxes. Have you ever thought of how much we actually pay. You have the taxes that come out of your check, roughly 33% on average, then you pay taxes on stuff you buy, you continually pay on your house and car, by the time the government is through screwing us I bet they get 50% of our earnings. Don't get me wrong we need taxes but they need to be used in a smarter way. First thing I would change as President. Next I would make a max limit for child support. Wait before you say anything, I'm a payer and a reciever. So I can look at it at both ends. Next I would immediately stop the dipping into Social Security funds. Stop borrowing from it and it'll heal itself, plain and simple. Ok I've given you a lot to swallow right off the bat. I make pick up on it I may not depends on my mood and what you guys have to say. Until next post, see ya.

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