so should there be sex and where  

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9/8/2006 8:06 pm

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so should there be sex and where

A Night at the Park

A dark night with isolated shining stars
My hand wrapped around hers, I led her down the path
We stepped into an open area, no sounds no cars
She saw a firefly and I heard a laugh
We moved silently out of the dark and towards the light
She is so brave - never showing fright
A startle of a rabbit out grazing late
A shooting star I wish it may I wish it might
Lead us to swings; I'll push you with soft hands tonight
Katydid, katydid, what will be our fate
Stretch your body back let your limbs climb to the moon
Hear the crickets - sleigh bells in June
I want to get off she whispered with a smile
I'll catch you if you'll stay a while
She floated through air coming to rest in my arms
Her lips so close to my touch
Slow motion but did I lose the moment, did she sense too much
My hand wrapped around hers, I lead her into dark - but no harm

If I weren’t here, you may have done this exact thing
It could have been the same, but your smile I couldn't bring

I’ve loved this night but I'm afraid
This night .... this night ... we've drawn open the shades

If this night could end any way I pleased
Do you wonder the last you'd hear me say

Tell me, this moment you've seized

Before you close your eyes to sleep
If you could take me and place me inside you
We may feel our way in and out, I may not keep
But if in the morn when your eyes open to see mine seeing you
And still I stay snuggled deep within
We now know if loving each other is wrong-then let us sin
If I could fall to sleep knowing I may awake still in you
I sleep a better sleep than if all the dreams a man could have came true

She noticed her heart, pound and knock
She realized her eyes staring at jeans outlined by his cock
Her hand reached down in and around feeling his throbbing might
She is so brave, never showing fright
But her lips whisper - not so brave as to make love outside tonight

If not here, you tell me where
The bed, bath, couch, shower, fireplace, the stairs

Next best thing to perfect

Opals_fire 53F
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9/9/2006 7:30 am

Have I ever told you how much I love the way you write?

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