What is on your refridgerator?  

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8/10/2006 12:35 am

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What is on your refridgerator?

I have a message board - it was intended for groceries and little reminders but has become something else at times -
I have a dear friend who always surprises me with new messages - lessons and life reminders and sometimes just a thank you.

I have 2 other saying of my own at the moment - one says WELCOME BACK TO HUMANITY - its has been there for months - but has withstood the test of time - a reminder to me of all that I had allowed to be shut out of my life during other periods of time.It is a good thing to again have friends and a life.

The other states
Remember when you awake - that with luck - when you next fall asleep you will be one day closer to death. Life is too short and no one gets out alive.

In a group that I am a member of there was a posting done by Erma Bombeck (thanks Kayle)about If I Had My Life To Live Over

I think it would be good for all to take a silent inventory and think about that.We cant worry now about what we coulda shoulda done - but we can change what we will do.

I moved to Arizona 15 months ago - and began keeping a list of things I had done or seen - and with whom. Initially the first entries were without other names. Over time I have made some acquaintances, some friends and some very good friends - it became very important to me to be back in the world again ( hence the welcome back to humanity) and to feel as though I were experiencing what I never had - even if just vicariously by watching others - and while I guess I will add the list at the end of this - sans names - the most important thing to me is the people that I am with doing these things.
If I had to do it over - I would have invited more love and friendship into my life - I gave up a lot of that upon getting married - my fault - but I think it would have made me a better person to not live within 4 walls be they at home or work.
Anyway - this is part of how I have spent my time here - and a special thanks to those who chose to join me.

JUNE 2005 Fluffgirls Burlesque
June Arizona Museum of Science
JULY 4th Fireworks Mesa CC
AUGUST Mesa Southwest Museum
August 19-22 Canada Trip ‒ Winnipeg
SEPTEMBER 18 Godspell ‒ Stagebrush Theater
September 22 Ballet under the stars ‒ Tempe

September 25 Showstoppers ‒ Blues Bros, Elvis, Madonna, D Summer-Casino
OCTOBER 8 Phoenix Coyotes Hockey ‒
October 20 Phoenix Zoo
October 22 road trip ‒ Canyon Lake &
October 24 Mesa Pow Wow Tribal Dancers ‒
October 30 Phoenix Symphony ‒ Halloween
NOVEMBER 16 Beatlemania ‒ Casino Arizona
November 19 Improv Comedy Club
November 25 John Lennon ‒In His Life-
DECEMBER 1 Phoenix Symphony ‒ X-Mas
December 9 Evita
December 15 Coyotes Hockey
December 31 Coyotes Hockey
JANUARY 14th movie- Rumor Has It
January 20th Phoenix Symphony
January 28th Monster Truck Jam
FEBRUARY 16th Sedona & Flagstaff trip
February 25th Black Watch Guard Drums &
MARCH 7th Baseball USA vs Mexico
March 30th Cirque Du Soleil (Corteo)
March 31st NY Yankees AZ Diamondbacks
APRIL 1st Tempe Arts Festival
April 2nd Tempe Arts Festival
April 4th Phoenix Art Museum
April 8th Cirque Du Soleil
April 13th-17th Canada Trip - Winnipeg
April 28th-30th Camping @Canyon Lake
MAY 9th movie United 93
May 24th movie DaVinvi Code
May 28th Salt River Tubing
JUNE 3rd Balanchine Festival-Ballet/symphony
June 15th movie X-Men Last Stand
June 20th road trip to Globe
JULY 4th Mesa Fireworks
July 6th Ringling Brothers Circus
July 7th movie Pirates of the Caribbean
July 15th Phoenix Mercury Woman’s B Ball
July 16 & 17th road trip to Tucson Mission San Xaiver del Bac
July 29th West Side Story ‒ Desert Stages

August 8th Phoenix Mercury Woman’s B Ball
August 11th Scottsdale Museum of Contemp Art

August 27th Lipizzaner Stallions

Next best thing to perfect

rm_aboutme66 51F
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8/10/2006 12:51 am

Add to the list. Track the events. And see what you are change for the better each passing day.

Someday is today.

LapALotta 54F

8/10/2006 1:22 am

wow .. what a great social calendar and a great idea. You've done well stepping out!

Opals_fire 53F
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8/12/2006 7:00 pm

Unleashed and forever moving forward!!!!!!!! Look back just often enough to know that the 4 walls of a basement were a stepping stone to your future. The road you have travelled is what has brought you to where you are today and will take you to where you are going from here. Don't hold back!

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