Just a wierd coincidence?  

FanErotic6996 57M
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8/4/2006 1:24 am

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8/6/2006 6:00 pm

Just a wierd coincidence?

As I read this I cant help but wonder - this was written several hours after I had made a bed of cushions and lit a fire in our basement - and made love to my wife. And almost 2 yrs to the day we first spoke of separating.

Apologize 01/19/02

Have you ever had the thought
to apologize?
Your middle finger waving your goodbyes
To the depths of existence for you would have fought
Never realizing how shallow was your disguise

Have you ever had the need
to apologize?
Now that you’ve torn the laughter from my eyes
Stripped my soul naked and left me to bleed
Your feelings your ears deaf to my cries

Have you ever had the desire
to apologize?
Your answers all found to be lies
My love left in a heap to burn in your fire
Like summer falling to autumn it withers and dies

Have you ever had the strength
to apologize?
For manipulating years of binding ties
Tried to put me on a chain with no length
Free of you finally my spirit soars and flies

Next best thing to perfect

LapALotta 54F

8/6/2006 3:26 am

Isn't it weird how we can see, with hindsight, that we saw the writing on the wall?

It's a beautiful poem, easy to tell you were rather mellow when writing. But also the pain of the relationship is raw. A nice double touch.

I remember that the refrain of one of my favorite songs around the time my ex left for good was "for once in your life be a man, do what you need to cause you know that you can." He had left me four times before and something in my gut told me the whole situation was untenable and he really wanted to leave but didn't know how to make the move. The conscious me had no clue (aside from the song) and was totally blindsided at the end.

FanErotic6996 57M
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8/6/2006 6:00 pm

Lap - One of my favorite lines from a song - and I am directing it towards her is -one of these days you're gonna face that deep dark truthful mirror, and It's gonna tell you things I still love you to much to say.
Now while I never told her of any songs she did mention 2 to me - one was nowhere man and the other was behind blue (brown) eyes
Guess I always stayed above the fray as much as possible,

Next best thing to perfect

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