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8/29/2006 11:21 pm

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I can't believe it. There has been more drama started in the group I belong to. When I first heard about it I was a little upset. Mostly because it was brought to me and people tried to get me involved in something I should have no part in. I don't even want a part in. After I was told about the stuff that "supposedly" happened I went to talk to another friend. I'll admit the part that bugged me most was the fact that someone was speaking for me when I wasn't around.....that bugs me......people speak for me alot here in real life I don't need it happening from others in another state. My friend that I went to talk to got me calmed down. We both agreed this was all more drama and neither of us needed it in our lives. I then let it go.

I then went with my Mom on her paper route. And truely I had forgotten all about all the drama that was being talked about.

I got online Tuesday morning and the friend I had talked to had made a post. A very general post. One that didn't point any fingers and I thought he worded it very elequintly so I said as much. Later I went back to see whom all else had commented. Wow was I suprised. Someone hadn't taken his post well at all I guess.

Well, I am the type who tries to fix everything. Well, I made first one post from the point of view of someone who was neutral and not involved in whatever happened. I also told everyone to calm down. And I left it at that.

Again later I thought I would check out the new comments since there went from being like 5 or 6 to 15. Wow it had turned to a major pissing match. So I again made a comment about everyone needing to calm down and that perhaps the parties involved in whatever happened could agree to disagree or take it private and keep the drama out of the group. Then I preceeded to make the comment that I wasn't sure the moderator of the group would like seeing this drama either. I also said something to address some comments made by others. I then said I would not return to that thread again. That was before noon or close to noon.

And I didn't return. Yet when I logged onto my email tonight I have copy of someone's post waiting for me. For some reason I had comments made to me which I know were written in anger...or that's how it reads. It says I was trying to give an opinion about a conversation that happened in this person's group.....NO I wasn't. I was giving an opinion about the topic of the thread that was posted. I also was NOT trying to make comments about a m&g I wasn't at. According to this email it says if I was worried about being in the drama why did I jump right in. As for the drama of the bickering in the thread the ONLY reason I posted was to try to get people to CALM DOWN. I won't make that mistake again.

I was trying to get everyone to CALM DOWN. Instead people just get pissy with me. Well, fine. I will keep my mouth shut from now on. My new comments will be ..... NO COMMENT! or I DON'T WANNA KNOW!

Sorry this just gets me. Oh and to the person who emailed me a copy of that post....knock it off.....I think you are just trying to cause more shit and I will not accept your emails anymore.



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