Sometimes I wonder  

fancy_for_you 39F
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6/26/2006 10:45 pm
Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder about silly things. Like tonight I am wondering about why my mind just doesn't like to shut off.

I mean I can be sitting here finally relaxing and have thoughts about things that happened years ago pop into my head. I can relive those thoughts and memories as if they are actually happening. Which then gets me to thinking about is there really a parallel world. And if so how many are there? Is there just one or is it possible that there are many? Which then makes me think well if there is a parallel past there must be a parallel future. So then I wonder will my future self come back and tell me now that I shouldn't do a certain thing in the future? And then my mind is off and thinking about time travel. Is it possible? If so what time zone would I like to go to? Would I want to go to the past? Or maybe the future? It would be nice to see if I ever get married or have children someday so the future would probably be my choice. Though it would suck to go forward only to find out I died somewhere along the way. So maybe the future isn't where I would want to go. Hummmmmmmm I wonder.

Anyways, what are things you all wonder about?
Do you ever wonder about things like parallel worlds or time travel?
If so what time would you like to visit if you could travel through time?



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