Can you do it?  

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9/1/2006 8:06 am

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Can you do it?

After my morning I got to thinking. Can a person really take a negative and turn it into a positive? I mean really. I watched this television minister a few months ago that said how people just get into the routine of being negative all the time by seeing the worst in everything that happens. He says that those people need to practice hard at finding the positive in even the bad situations.

I've been trying all morning to do that. It helped a little but for some reason , actually I know the reason, my mind just kept going back to the negative.

See what happened was my mother and I decided to go grocery chopping this morning after her paper route. The grocery store is over an hour away. Well we bought our groceries, loaded them in the car, stopped to get daylight doughnuts, then headed home. Well, mom pulls up to the stop light and notices every dash panel light in the car was on so she reaches to jiggle the ignition....the car the middle of the intersection. This royally ticks mom off. She calls my dad who is still at home in bed, after all it's only 5am. He says well get someone to help get you off the road and I'll be down as soon as I can.

Find someone to help dad said....yeah right everyone is driving by honking and staring at us but refusing to stop. So mom and I have to push the car ourselves.....did I mention I am not to be doing this kind of thing because of my back surgery I had.....anyways I didn't mention that to mom I just helped push the vehicle around the corner and across the street to a parking lot. We sit there waiting on dad and I got to hear what my mom thought of my dad. Dad finally shows up and opens the hood and dinks around with some things and it still won't start.

He says he is going to have to tow us home. HOLLY cow I think hell froze over right then and there. My mom flew outta her car door and jumped right in the middle of my dad and started cussing him....I was like I am keeping my mouth shut or else she'll start in on me. I mean she is really chewing him to where people are slowing down and looking.

Then dad says fine lets load your groceries in the truck and I'll take you all home then come back for the car. I was thinking oh I know how this will go can I opt for riding in the We get on the road and about 20 minutes from home and the front passenger tire blows out. The ruck goes sliding all over the highway infront of semi's....I remember saying oh GOD please don't let us get smooshed. But hey that wasn't the worst part. Dad had let my druggie brother borrow his jack a couple days before to change a tire and my brother had never put the jack back in the dad calls a buddy to bring us a jack. During this time my mom goes off again. Telling dad exactly what was wrong with her life and how he had fucked it up and how they couldn't own a decent car because of him. On and on this went all the way home after the tire was changed. I was never so happy to be home and inside in the silence in my life.

Anyways, back to this negative into positive thing. Every time my mom said something negative I would try to reword it in my head of what or why she should be thankful. Like how she was all pissed off about the car breaking down. I mean hey it was no one's fault the starter went out on it. Yeah it picked a bad place to happen but at least we weren't infront of a big semi or something. At least we had someone to call for help. At least the car didn't go up in flames. At least she haas another car to drive at home till this one is fixed. At least it's a cheaper part than say if the motor had blown. Ya know truely a starter going out isn't that bad a thing. It could have been alot worse and I thank God it wasn't.

So now I sit here wondering what it would take for my mother to quit being so negative all the time. I call her the negativity queen. I have also sat here and realized her negativity has rubbed off on me. Even looking back through my blog posts I notice I tend to have a few positive posts but most have a negative undertone. Well, I want to try to change that so I ask you all to bare with me.

I also want to it hard for you all to stay positive when negative things happen? Are you resentful when bad things happen or are you grateful they weren't worse? Do you have someone you deal with alot that is always negative? How do you handle it without becoming negative yourself?



ZZ_Todd 59M

9/1/2006 10:01 am

It is difficult, absolutely. I've always believed that things happen for reasons, and even at the time if the thing that happened is a bad thing, chances are good that the reason for it that I discover later turns out to be a more positive influence.

rm_divorcee74 42M
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9/3/2006 10:51 am

As I kept trying to convince my ex of, "I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist." (She never believed me. She's an eternal optimist.)

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