About my disability!  

fancy_for_you 39F
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5/12/2006 7:56 pm

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5/25/2006 5:11 pm

About my disability!

Ok since I know a friend will be looking at my blog and wondering what I meant on his blog I figured I would write something. It's gonna be short and sweet and to the point.

In May 2003 I got my disability. I have followed Dr's orders long than I care to admit. I finally had surgery to fix part of my problem. Everything was healing well. Then I get this letter saying my disability is going up for review because a nosey neighbor turned it in that I was seen carrying bags of groceries and doing yard work and a ferw other things. STA knows about this I had told her when it first got brought to my attention. I didn't want to tell anyone because truely it's my problem. Though to me it isn't a problem....I want to return to working. Sitting at home everyday not doing anything gets very very boring and it lets your brain waiste away. So in a way I am looking at this as a blessing though my neighbors should have minded their own business. They didn't see me doing those things it was my mother. She and I look alot alike. The reason I know it was my mother is because I haven't carried anything other than a sack of bread into the house since I got hurt. Also if you seen my yard you would see the only yard work needing done is mowing and tree triming which my parents and my brothers do. I own no mower and there's no way you are getting me on a ladder to trim trees. If my friends want a better explaination than this then they know how to reach me. I am afraid I said to much as it is.

I haven't told my family about this review yet because truely they have enough to worry about on their own. This is my problem and I WILL survive.

Da Fuzzy Woman


smalltownangel 43F
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5/12/2006 8:13 pm

Girly I told ya what I would do....and I think you are...and that is let your lawyer handle it.

UglyOldHippie 66M
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5/12/2006 11:09 pm

I know exactly what you're going through. I've been on disability since July 26,1987. I was a workaholic, working 55 to 60 hours a week. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn't work anymore. For the first 14 or 15 years, I was in a very deep depression, not being able to support my wife and kids. I have to go in for a review about every 7 years. In the begining, I was in their offices at least 5 times after I started recieving benefits for reviews because of stupid people that never even saw me. It sucks being disabled. I hope yours isn't a permanent disability like mine is.


Da_Lone_Elf 50M

5/13/2006 12:05 am

I had no idea you were having thai problem, my dear Fuzzy, there is nothing I would like better for you then for to be completely healthy and happy. If that means at a job, that is good. The only thing that would make me happier would be for your job to be closer to us LOL

Da Elf

ohcurious14 59M
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5/13/2006 5:11 pm

Well sweetie, 1st let me tell you that as a blogger, you don't have to impress anyone. You know how i feel about ya and that'll never change. A blog is basically an easy access diary, your thoughts, your words, your choices, your way. As in my blog, i just said it is an opportunity for everyone to get inside of a warped, twisted, demented compassionate, insatiable Dom's mind and then leave saying WTF? After reading your blog just now it reminded me of 2 things. One that nosey people need to mind their own business. Reminds me of Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched. Second point is it also reminded me of the game telephone. It starts out as "I saw Mel take groceries into her house and before you know it, its i saw Mel take several bags into her house, i thin k she dismembered someone, and i'm sure it was that nosey Mrs. Kravitz."
I'll get ya off the hook Mel. The day in question you were with me here in Illinois, yeah, that's the ticket. *wink*

fancy_for_you 39F
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5/25/2006 5:11 pm

    Quoting smalltownangel:
    Girly I told ya what I would do....and I think you are...and that is let your lawyer handle it.
OK since this thing takes forever to give me a confirmation # I am gonna respond to you all right here.

STA: Hun that's exactly what I am doing.

Hippie: It's supposed to be permanant....Disc Degeneration Disease. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in all this crap from disability.

Elf: Yeah I know you want me closer so you can have your way with me...lol...and I wish to be able to work again some day myself. As OC says becareful what you ask for ya just might get it.

OC: Yeah I will say that...what's your # again I'll just have them call you as a witness. lol.

NB: Things always work out. Just I am not a patient person so it frustrates me to wait.


Yes others need to mind their own darn buisness because ya never know for sure what a person's situation is do ya.



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