Inconstant Moon  

famlybiz 61M
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8/29/2006 3:02 pm
Inconstant Moon

Ahh...the waxing and waning moon. Much like the erotic fortunes of mortals it grows large only to waste away into nonexistance. From the orbit of the moon it is possible to see the evidence of human activity. At last my destination is almost in sight! Wideband to shortband, it's all there finally. The warfare, entertainment, communications... and yes, here and there those sweet interludes of bliss when two bodies meet! Kicking up some dust as I set down. I'll take a little rest here just to observe the occasional bouncing bossom, straining buttock. The indescribably erotic sounds uttered during orgasm. Oops! My blood pressure monitor is beeping! While I set about some maintainance and a planned reintry... have as much fun as you can while the party is on! Good cheer and when you recieve a B/D slap on the cheek... don't forget to kindly turn the other,lol.

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