So Confused  

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6/12/2006 2:08 pm

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So Confused

Its Monday alright!!! not a bad monday because I choose to stay in the house, after my little excersion last Monday.. I was afraid to go but today I am confused. My head tells me one thing and my heart tells me another.
I hate this, this feeling of indecisiveness, and should I or shouldnt I. I would go back to the person im currently separated from, not married too, if he would only change his attitude towards women. He was hurt years ago, and everything that happens in his life is blamed on me, to a certain degree. Not all our times were bad, but I cant help but wonder, if he really realizes how I really feel, so I wrote him a letter, trying to explain how I felt. I dont know wheather it will do me any good or if I just wasted my time. Its just very hard to love someone who doesnt want it, or doesnt feel he deserves it due to past relationships. What ever happened to moving on, and finding happiness for yourself and your children? I guess we will see what happens, and how he handles the letter.

meresu 56F

6/13/2006 8:22 am

hi tY for your feedback. I feel for you in the waiting game of men. I made a huge error today in judgement urting someone I think is special( due to tiredness etc )and have asked for them to understand. Patience is a virtue they say! well I think its a pain the butt!


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