I got Laid!!!  

fallinStrgazer 54F
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7/25/2006 5:16 am
I got Laid!!!

Good morning all
Just makin my coffee and pondering the events of sunday night I went to work on sunday like a good girl. Then the guy that I have been seeing off and on for the last month or so, asked me if I wanted to go see a movie.. which we did.. Pirates of the Carriabiean 2.. not a bad movie.. but anyway... On the way back to my car, he asked if I would like to spend the night with him.. and of course I said yes, because I do like this guy alot... Do I love him.. NO.. do I care for him.. maybe a little bit So anyway, we end up back at his place.. and I already knew what was gonna happen.. We get to his place and shit just starts happening and before I knew it...IT WAS ON!!!!...OMG I felt so wonderful, layin in his arms kissing him, and holding him.. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! Well thats my news... I GOT LAID... Have a great day all

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